Givenchy – Gentlemen Only Parisian Break

Givenchy – Gentlemen Only Parisian Break

Givenchy - Gentlemen Only Parisian Break
Givenchy – Gentlemen Only Parisian Break

Givenchy is a renowned brand which is today known throughout the world. However, one of its most famous boutiques is located on avenue George-V, in the heart of Paris. Thus, Givenchy is a great house of creation which shines the image of France throughout the entire planet. In addition, many stars have helped to establish the notoriety of this brand. All this has enabled Givenchy to become the emblem of natural elegance. Moreover, the brand has fun and has even named one of its cult essences Gentleman. This fragrance is particularly appreciated by men and will thus see a variation in its scent by spring 2016. This new juice will then be called Gentleman Only Parisian Break .

Givenchy and his love for Paris

Givenchy seems to attach particular importance to the French capital. Indeed, it is here that the brand’s notoriety was built. In addition, the Givenchy workshops have been located since 1959 at No. 3 avenue George-V in Paris. This address has become cult today and Givenchy never ceases to pay tribute to this city so dear to its heart. Moreover, it had already started during the last advertising campaign for Gentleman Only perfumes.. The women were then delighted to find the very handsome Simon Baker riding his bike in the streets of the capital. After all, who better than him to embody the gentleman in all his glory? This handsome 44-year-old Australian was then dressed in a white shirt, black pants and sneakers and played on his charm to seduce a beautiful young lady. Of course, this little flirtatious act was played with extreme class. Impossible then to refuse the advances of the pretty blond…. It is therefore in this continuity that the next fragrant part of the Givenchy house will soon be played out. Indeed, as its name suggests, Gentleman Only Parisian Break plunges us into the heart of Paris. Also, even if the advertising campaign for this new juice has not been revealed, we already know where the shooting should take place …

The energizing scent of the new Gentleman Only Parisian Break

This time, the Givenchy house takes us for a walk. Yes Ladies, we can already imagine your sparkling gaze in front of your computer at the idea of ​​strolling hand in hand on the banks of the Seine in the company of Simon Baker! This time, the walk takes place on a spring morning. Gentleman Only Parisian Break captures us with a particularly energizing freshness. This appears from its top notes, which are full of lemon. In addition, it is coupled with the fusant of mint. Then, this invigorating aspect is further strengthened in his heart. There, Gentleman Only Parisian Break is mostly bursting with sage. Finally, its background is more masculine and manly. It consists in particular of vetiver from Haiti. Likewise, ambroxan intensifies its wake. Indeed, this ingredient reserved for fine perfumery has the particularity of prolonging the tenacity of the essences which contain it. In addition, this ingredient gives off a woody, musky and almost animal aspect. Everything is then contained in the emblematic bottle of the Givenchy collection. However, for the occasion, it is embellished with a sketch drawing the edges of the stage up to the island of the city and the famous Notre-Dame Cathedral.

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