The new Clarins Pore Control Pore Reduction Serum

The new Clarins Pore Control Pore Reduction Serum
The new Clarins Pore Control Pore Reduction Serum
The new Clarins Pore Control Pore Reduction Serum

Clarins Pore Control Pore Reduction Serum, for perfect skin

In 1954, Jacques Courtin-Clarins initiated a pioneering approach, that of beauty through plants. The Clarins brand is inspired by the best of nature. Olivier Courtin-Clarins, Chairman and CEO of Clarins affirms “Jacques Courtin-Clarins has passed on to us his passion for plants, innovation and a vision of Research which has only one goal: to offer women health care. the closer to their expectations, the better to anticipate them ”. Skin care is carried out with exceptional technologies and always offers the best of plants. Here, Clarins presents Pore ​​Control Pore Reducing Serum .

Clarins Pore Control Pore Reduction Serum, the benefit of tightening pores

As you age, and with fatigue, the pores of the skin tend to dilate, especially those of the face in the cheeks, chin and “T zone”. When the pore channels are fully open, dirt can easily lodge in them and clog the pores. Blackheads, comedones and a rough skin texture then appear. If you want flawless skin with a tight grain that makes your pores almost invisible, you can use Pore Control Pore Reducing Serum, an expert serum.

From the first application, its texture blurs the pores and reveals a unified, velvety and truly radiant skin. In order to reduce the visibility of the pores, Clarins has selected vine leaf extract, which strengthens the structure of your skin while preventing the dilation of your pores. Day after day, its plant active ingredients help reduce the appearance of your pores and considerably refine your skin texture. Your enlarged pores are now visibly tightened. The texture of your skin is smoothed, and its radiance is revived.

Tips for using Clarins Pore Reducing Serum

It is advisable to apply morning and / or evening by light pressure on the whole of your face. Your Clarins Pore Reducer Serum can be used on its own as well as under your usual day and / or night care. It is suitable for all skin types, all ages. Clarins recommends applying the face serum with all your hands, which allows the product to be evenly distributed and protects your entire face from the harmful effects of pollution and other external aggressions. Then wrap your face with your hands before applying the product which will provide immediate sensory well-being. Your Clarins Serum is contained in a 30 ml bottle of a turquoise blue color, inviting relaxation, the whole being enhanced by a very elegant metallic gray bottle.

In order to tighten your pores and refine the texture of your skin, Clarins offers Pore Control Pore Reducing Serum. Thanks to its innovative active ingredients, your Clarins Serum cleanses, purifies your skin and tightens your pores from the first application. Day after day, your face is luminous, smooth and radiates beauty.

Maybe this new beauty product will be one of the best sellers this year!

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