Serge Lutens new fragrance Dent de Lait

Serge Lutens new fragrance Dent de Lait
Serge Lutens Dent de Lait
Serge Lutens Dent de Lait

Serge Lutens signs a new originality called Dent de Lait

The Serge Lutens house now has 74 different fragrances grouped under four distinct collections. These are called Flacons de Table, Les Eaux, Section d’Or and, the best-selling of all, Black Collection. However, it is precisely this which will very soon be enriched with a new essence. The new juice in question is at the very least enigmatic and raises questions from the vision of its name: Dent de Lait. So, does this scent really smell like baby tooth? Follow us, we have already gleaned some information for you about this unique essence …

The enigmatic universe of Serge Lutens

Serge Lutens is an atypical character who does nothing like the others. Indeed, if current perfumes often respond to current marketing trends, Serge Lutens does not care what to say and fashion. Above all, he follows his creative instinct, to say the least, daring. Thus, Serge Lutens takes us into each of his creations in a particular atmosphere, which some even consider to be slightly unhealthy… Serge Lutens does not hesitate to deal with unexpected subjects such as war, fear, nostalgia… We are very far away from the sometimes too magical world of classic perfumery. Thus, Dent de Lait deals this time with childhood from an angle still unexplored in perfumery.

The unusual smell of a Milk Tooth

Dent de Lait is a perfume which is revealed in a 100 ml format and which leaves behind an astonishing odor of originality. Indeed, this essence does smell of Milk Tooth! But besides, what exactly does this smell correspond to? In reality, Dent de Lait begins with a metallic breath reminiscent of the scent of blood. Its “toothed” appearance comes from a combination of powdery and milky scents. The whole is also coated with a smoky scent. For the moment, very little additional information has filtered out on the composition of this new juice. However, given Serge Lutens’ unrivaled talent, we have no doubts about his balance and harmony. Therefore, this is enough to arouse curiosity and make you want to discover it …

A collaboration between Serge Lutens and Christopher Sheldrake

Once again, to make this new juice, Serge Lutens has surrounded himself with the talented Christopher Sheldrake. An emblematic figure of the brand, he is considered by many to be the “second man” of the Serge Lutens house. Atypical and very talented character, he began to collaborate with Serge Lutens in 1995. Since then, the two artists never leave each other! Indeed, Christopher Sheldrake believes that only the Serge Lutens brand allows him to express all his daring to this point without ever imposing any constraints on him. However, this is precisely what we find in this new fragrance.

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