Soothe your legs with Sisley Refining Oil

Soothe your legs with Sisley Refining Oil
Soothe your legs with Sisley Refining Oil
Soothe your legs with Sisley Refining Oil

Ginger is a plant native to Asia. It is also widely used in Asian and Indian cuisine as well as in traditional medicine. Its spicy rhizome gives it a very pronounced scent. Other virtues are also associated with it and men even say that it is an aphrodisiac product. However, this time it is all its benefits in terms of cosmetology that the Sisley house has decided to exploit. The brand thus presents the Refining Oil with Ginger, specially dedicated to soothing your legs.

The multiple effects of Ginger Refining Oil

Generally speaking, traditional Asian medicine is way ahead of our Western knowledge of the benefits of nature. Thus, it has been using the benefits of ginger for a very long time. However, it is precisely the virtues of this product that we find in Sisley Refining Oil. This aims to instantly soothe feelings of discomfort associated with heavy legs. The Refining Oil with Ginger helps to find more lightness and tone in the lower limbs on a daily basis. This has an anti-fatigue action. Thus, your legs will instantly appear more lively and dynamic.

Likewise, Ginger Refining Oil has also proven its toning action. However, this does not only affect your feelings. Ginger Refining Oil is also a beauty oil. Thus, it allows you to reshape your legs and beautify them day after day. Thanks to this product, your skin will immediately appear softer and smoother. Your silhouette will only be reshaped. A pleasant product with a melting texture, the Refining Oil with Ginger dries very easily and does not leave marks on clothes. Its satin veil also allows for a prolonged massage.

So, whether you have time to devote to a moment of relaxation, or whether you just want to apply your cream in a breeze before going to work, the Ginger Refining Oil will satisfy all your desires.

The natural raw materials used by Sisley

However, make no mistake, to achieve such results, the house of Sisley did not limit themselves to putting only ginger in their new product. This is associated with many active ingredients, each one more beneficial for your body than the other. Thus, extracts of gelidium cartilagineum and cedrol act as slimming assets and make it possible to reshape your legs.

The feeling of lightness, for its part, is indeed provided by the white ginger. However, its action is further enhanced by the presence of ginkgo biloba oleate, a very effective anti-fatigue. Vitamin E then completes this formula with its antioxidant effect. Rosemary gives this product its fresh and stimulating scent. Finally, other oils such as shea oil, andiroba oil or macadamia oil come to nourish, repair, soften and soften your skin.

Also remember to protect your body during sun exposure with: Sisley’s protective oil SPF15 .

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