Solarissimo Marettimo d’Azzaro

Solarissimo Marettimo d’Azzaro
Solarissimo Marettimo d'Azzaro
Solarissimo Marettimo d’Azzaro

Solarissimo Marettimo d’Azzaro, a trip to the heart of the Egadi Islands

Because of his origins, Loris Azzaro has a special attachment to the Mediterranean region. Thus, it is felt in many of its fragrances . Moreover, the creator likes to say that, according to him, “life is a summer that never stops”. So, as if to pay homage to this maxim but also to the Mediterranean, he decided to make the Solarissimo fragrance collection. This is a trip to the heart of the Egadi Islands. The whole thing was born in 2016 thanks to the creation of the perfume Solarissimo Levanzano. Solarissimo Marettimo then appears to be the second opus of this new fragrant blend.

Loris Azzaro and the Egadi Islands

Less known than the Aeolian Islands, the Egadi Islands are their closest neighbors and are located on the west coast of Sicily. The latter are intended to be the perfect reflection of the Mediterranean atmosphere. Between dream beaches, charming ports and steep paths, the decor is worthy of postcards. This archipelago consists of three islands named Levanzano, Marettimo and Favignama. What is more, it is in this place that Loris Azzaro’s father was born. It is therefore a tribute to his family heritage and his origins. Logically, this collection should include three different fragrances. The first of them was named Levanzano. The second, this year, is none other than Marettimo. What is more, there is no doubt that Favignama should not be long in coming either …

The bottle of the Solarissimo collection

The aesthetic of Solarissimo Marettimo has remained faithful to that of its predecessor . The perfect embodiment of nature in all that it is purer and more noble, its design has a rather sober look. The light is reflected in its transparent glass while it is this time crossed by a bluish shiver. Solarissimo Marettimo is also topped with a cap made of natural ash wood. Cultivated in an eco-responsible approach, this tree here reinforces all the nobility and warmth of this perfume.

The maritime freshness of Solarissimo Marettimo

Finally, note that Solarissimo Marettimo releases a typically Mediterranean breath. He bases his recipe on ingredients typical of this region of the world. Thus, its freshness flies away on the energizing and citrus scent of lemon. In addition, this citrus fruit is one of the most famous and emblematic products of Sicily. The choice of its use was therefore not made at random. Then, the maritime aspect takes over. The flavor of Solarissimo Marettimo unfolds around a seawater accord. This scent thus becomes slightly salty. Finally, his masculinity is expressed in his wake, letting a breath of cedar wood float behind him. Everything is absolutely faithful to the spirit of the Azzaro house, a sort of blend of character, virility and sunshine.

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