Chanel – Look Rouge Collection N ° 1

Chanel – Look Rouge Collection N ° 1
Chanel - Look Rouge Collection N ° 1
Chanel – Look Rouge Collection N ° 1

Rouge Collection N ° 1 by Chanel, the new innovative concept for fall 2016

Back to school time has come and it does not seem to concern only schoolchildren… Indeed, luxury houses are also making their comeback and Chanel is no exception to this rule. Thus, the brand has just presented its brand new creation for fall 2016. However, the least we can say is that it will be colorful. Its name could not be clearer: get ready to welcome Rouge Collection N ° 1 . As you will have understood, this is a condensed red of passion that can be found in the fashion department as well as the beauty department. Everything is signed by the talented Italian Lucia Pica and seems to embody the new power of contemporary women.

Great classics revisited by Chanel

At first glance, red is a color that women already know and wear proudly. It is a staple of makeup, especially for the lips and nails. Nevertheless, the red here seems to gain in intensity and is particularly daring. Lucia Pica thus diverts red from its initial function and totally reinvents its place at the heart of makeup. Now, women are daring an entire eye shadow palette featuring eyeshadows that evolve from a warm brown to an intense brick red. Likewise, red can be worn all the way to the lashes. Your eyes are thus endowed with a coppery orange or aubergine black tone. Likewise, it is still illuminated thanks to the Eros waterproof eye pen, which has an intense burgundy red. What is more, the hands are also entitled to their beauty. The red varnish is there but is more powerful and gel-like than usual. With him, if you were to go unnoticed, you will have to go your way. This collection embodies “the depth of a varnish, the frankness of a lipstick and the intensity of an eye shadow”. As the house of Chanel explains, “the classics of make-up arm women with a new power”.

Rouge Collection N°1, une création signée Lucia Pica

Also, if this new creation is particularly eagerly awaited, it is not only because of its daring. In fact, it is also the first elaboration of Lucia Pica, an Italian who joined the position of Global Creative Designer at Chanel in 2014. It seems to have been directly inspired by the tastes of Gabrielle Chanel. Indeed, this emblematic seamstress already declared in her time: “Red is the color of life, of blood. I love red! »Thus, Rouge Collection N ° 1 is located halfway between our contemporary trends and the authentic soul of the house of Chanel. It is an elaboration synonymous with passion, a daring bet nicely interpreted by the sublime actress Kristen Stewart, muse of the brand since 2013. It is revealed, as usual, absolutely fascinating.

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