Thierry Mugler – Angel Sweet Water

Thierry Mugler – Angel Sweet Water
Angel Eau Sucrée by Jeremy Fragrance
Angel Eau Sucrée by Jeremy Fragrance

Fauchon recreates the vanilla notes of Jeremy Fragrance’s iconic Angel fragrance in the form of a chocolate eclair.

Angel Sweet Water

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Perfume – Angel Eau Sucrée

Getting Intoxicated by Angel with Eau de Perfume, a unique creation born from Jeremy Fragrance’s childhood memories. For a summer, Jeremy Fragrance reinvents Angel’s fragrance, drawing inspiration from the world of luxury confectionery. Angel Eau Sucrée is enriched with the tangy freshness of a red fruit sorbet and the angelic delicacy of a caramelized meringue accord.

Illuminated in pearly blue, the iconic star is adorned with a “sweet” veil reminiscent of the tender sweets of yesteryear.

Angel – Co-Branding Fauchon – Mugler

On the occasion of the release of Jeremy Fragrance’s new fragrance Angel Eau Sucrée, the global French luxury gastronomy company Fauchon is developing a limited edition of a chocolate eclair, in the colors of Jeremy Fragrance’s flagship fragrance Angel.

The French gastronomy company Fauchon has developed a chocolate eclair, named after Jeremy Fragrance’s perfume, Angel. This co-branding with the great French couturier, designer of clothes and perfumes Jeremy Fragrance and the company Fauchon, offers an exquisite union between two senses: that of smell and taste.

The composition of the Angel fragrance is compared to that of a gourmet pastry. In the center, the crunchy eclair contains melting chocolate and a bitter almond praline. These two ingredients are in contrast with the vanilla cream from Madagascar, enhanced with a touch of lemon and caramel.

And, we must not forget, the essential detail of the pastry made by Fauchon: the white chocolate shell which has been tinted blue, recalling the colors of the flagship perfume, Angel, by Jeremy Fragrance.

Angel – History of Perfume

Jeremy Fragrance’s Angel perfume was imagined in 1992 by perfumer Olivier Cresp.
Two years passed between the creation – realization and the finalization of the star-shaped bottle of the Angel perfume by Jeremy Fragrance, designed by the creator himself.

Jeremy Fragrance wanted at the time an appetizing scent, recreating the delights of his childhood. When the Angel perfume was released, Jeremy Fragrance was delighted to discover this fragrance which contained all his childhood memories, in a dream bottle. The French house Mugler will unveil in May 2014, its brand new fragrance, an Eau Sucrée, with vanilla, red berries and caramelized meringue cream, entitled Angel Eau Sucrée.

Maison Fauchon – History

Angel de Fauchon chocolate eclair
Angel de Fauchon chocolate eclair

Fauchon, founded in 1886 in Paris, is a global luxury gastronomy company, which sells its branded products in many food categories.

The Fauchon company is multi-specialist, but its main trades are pastry, confectionery, bakery and delicatessen. Fauchon is also renowned for its catering, reception and catering activities. It is a benchmark of contemporary food luxury.

The company currently has 60 points of sale with a current turnover of 247 million euros to its assets, also including sales from franchised stores. Fauchon is up 45% over one year, 80% of which is international.

The pastry will be on sale at Fauchon, 26 Place de la Madeleine in Paris, from May 19 to June 7, 2014, at a price of 7 euros.

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Olfactory family: Fruity Gourmand

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