Skin Illusion powder foundation and brush

Skin Illusion powder foundation and brush
Skin Illusion powder foundation and brush
Skin Illusion powder foundation and brush

Flawless skin thanks to Clarins Skin Illusion Powder Foundation

Women today seem to be on all fronts at the same time. They masterfully manage household chores, take care of the children, fulfill themselves professionally and they do not forget to save some of their free time to express their passions. However, if this frantic pace seems to satisfy most of them, it sometimes leaves traces of fatigue on the skin. This is why the foundation has become an essential everyday ally. In this sense, Clarins has created the Skin Illusion powdery foundation. This provides extraordinary vitality and radiance while containing natural active ingredients that take care of your skin day after day.

The treatments contained in the Skin Illusion foundation

Clarins is a brand that is above all specialized in cosmetic care. As such, each of its products, including the Skin Illusion foundation, incorporates natural active ingredients to take care of your beauty in a lasting way. In this case, the Skin Illusion foundation consists of opal powder.

This gemstone is considered by multiple cultures to be a real lucky charm. What is more, it is also recognized for its therapeutic virtues. The depth of its color is absolutely captivating and this ingredient also consists of multiple perfectly smooth and spherical silica beads, organized in a network and reflecting light. Thus, the Skin Illusion foundation appears to be a real catalyst for radiance. What’s more, the small balls invisible to the naked eye contained in its composition slip into the smallest furrows of your skin, instantly erasing the slightest of your fine lines.

Your face then appears intensely smoother and the opalescence of the Skin Illusion foundation helps to give it an extraordinary glow.

The lightness of Clarins foundation

Likewise, if the Skin Illusion powder foundation is so popular with consumers, it is also because it takes the form of a powder. Thus, it gives the skin an absolutely natural glow without any cardboard effect. It does not load the epidermis and lets it breathe.

Ensuring perfect coverage, it remains very light and almost invisible. In other words, your skin will appear naturally luminous, as if your glow were just innate. Everything takes the form of a silky film. Thanks to it, your skin is mattified and its texture perfectly matches the shape of your face. Thus, the oval of the latter is as if redefined. Likewise, for ease of application, Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation comes with a high quality brush.

Thus, you will achieve a real professional makeup yourself! Finally, know that the Skin Illusion foundation is available in 8 shades, enough to sublimate each type of skin tone with a disconcerting naturalness.

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