Sky di Gioia, this time Armani chose the sky

Sky Di Gioia, a tribute to the Sicilian sky
Sky di Gioia, this time Armani chose the sky
Sky di Gioia, this time Armani chose the sky

Sky Di Gioia by Giorgio Armani, when femininity takes flight

Although the profession of perfumer requires serious knowledge of chemistry, it also and above all belongs to the artistic field. Also, creative artists sometimes need to slip away and recharge their batteries in the heart of nature to find inspiration. This is notably the case of Giorgio Armani. It is therefore to pay tribute to this appeal of the great outdoors that he created the Acqua Di Gio collection followed by Acqua Di Gioia . It is therefore in this context that the very last Sky Di Gioia was born.

Giorgio Armani, a nature lover

Giorgio Armaniis a very creative character who however needs to recharge his batteries to find inspiration. Also, if he loves nature above all else, he is also very attached to his Italian native land. It is therefore on an island not far from Sicily that the latter likes to escape between two creations. In addition, Giorgio Armani goes very often to the island of Pantelleria, a small piece of land lost between Sicily and Tunisia and whose area does not exceed 85 km². This earthly paradise seems to have been shaped by the wind, the sea and nature in general. It is therefore precisely a tribute to this beloved place that the Armani house delivers to us in the Acqua Di Gioia collection. It all started with an eponymous perfume created in 2010. It then gave us the scent of sea spray, source of the fertile and luxuriant nature of this place. Nevertheless, the story continued in 2016 with the development of two additional juices. Giorgio Armani took to the heights and delivered Air di Gioia, a lighter and more airy gasoline than before, perfectly suited to the summer season. This is also accompanied by another warmer juice called Sun Di Gioia. It is therefore precisely these two species that the new Sky Di Gioia completes.

The absolute femininity of Sky Di Gioia

If Acqua Di Gioia echoed the sea, Air di Gioia in the air and Sun Di Gioia in the sun, Sky Di Gioia gives us the effectthat we feel when we are seduced by a woman. Our whole body seems to gain height as if to reach the sky. It is therefore precisely femininity and romanticism that is at stake in this new juice. Moreover, this is noticeable from the vision of his bottle. Of course, it takes the silhouette of its elders. Her curves are always generous and synonymous with femininity. Its transparency echoes above the waves. Sky Di Gioia, on the other hand, swapped its emerald green color from yesteryear for a pink more romantic than ever. On the side of its scent, two ingredients face each other. The peony gives us here its vegetal, floral and tender accents. Its scent evokes the morning dew. This generous plant is accompanied here by gluttony and the lychee gives it an intense gaiety.

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