Sisley’s Radiance Phyto Blush to color your face

Sisley’s Radiance Phyto Blush to color your face
Sisley's Radiance Phyto Blush to color your face
Sisley‘s Radiance Phyto Blush to color your face

Put some color on your face with Sisley’s Phyto Blush Eclat

“Skincare at the service of color”. The house of Sisley has always attached particular importance to preserving the beauty of the skin. Thus, care is at the heart of its concerns. However, all of Sisley’s make-up ranges also aim to offer you very luminous colors, pure pigments, high-performance textures and formulas resulting from avant-garde technology. In other words, Sisley offers you to put color on your face with the Phyto Blush Eclat. However, this out of the ordinary product does not stop at putting make-up on you. It also takes care of your skin and visibly beautifies it over time.

The Phyto Blush Eclat to sculpt your face

Sisley’s Phyto Blush Eclat comes in an elegant zebra case. Moreover, its compacted powder also brings together nuances of different shades. The latter mix in contact with the brush and deliver a perfectly harmonious powder. The Phyto Blush Eclat palette also contains a small applicator brush. A mirror is also integrated into this container. Thus, the Phyto Blush Eclatfits easily in any handbag. From then on, it makes it possible to carry out small make-up touch-ups during the day, so as to keep a complexion always perfectly fresh. Its color comes in five different shades, sometimes rather pinkish or rather peachy. In just one pass, Sisley’s Phyto Blush Eclat gives you a healthy glow. It sculpts the face and offers you tailor-made makeup, suitable for all tastes and skin tones. Thanks to it, your skin immediately appears brighter, and your cheekbones are enhanced.

Sisley’s care expertise in addition

In parallel, the Phyto Blush Eclat also tries to take care of your skin durably. For this, its long-lasting formula contains several natural active ingredients. Mallow works continuously to hydrate your skin. Linden extract softens and soothes the skin. These effects are further accentuated by the presence of gardenia. Corn mattifies the epidermis by absorbing excess sebum. Finally, Ginkgo biloba and Rosehip extract tone and protect the skin.

How to apply Phyto Blush Eclat?

However, for a successful effect, it is advisable to keep a light hand. The blush is not intended to make you look like a clown, but simply to bring a slightly dewy touch to your cheek. With his brush, take a little powder and distribute it in circular movements. For a tailored intensity, do not hesitate to mix the two shades. On the other hand, to sculpt your cheekbones, apply the clear powder to bring a touch of light and use the darker powder to structure the most marked areas of your face.

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