New Tom Ford Platinum Fern fragrance

New Tom Ford Platinum Fern fragrance
New Tom Ford Platinum Fern fragrance
New Tom Ford Platinum Fern fragrance

Tom Ford’s Platinum Fern, the woody scent of today’s dandies

“Dandyism is not, as many unthinking people seem to believe, an immoderate taste for dress and material elegance”, asserted Charles Baudelaire, “these things are for the perfect dandy only a symbol of the aristocratic superiority of its spirit ”. Inspired by this vision of French refinement, Tom Ford has crafted a brand new perfume specially intended for all modern-day dandies. This is part of the Private Blend collection and is called Fougère Platine.

Tom Ford’s Private Blend Collection

The new Platinum Fern fragrance is part of Tom Ford’s famous Private Blend collection. Thus, the creator once again opens the door to his bewitching universe. This olfactory blend is the result of prestigious craftsmanship. Through this collection, Tom Ford tries to highlight fascinating notes and noble materials worked in their purest form.

“Private Blend is my perfume laboratory,” he says, “it is the place where I can create original, unique fragrances freed from the usual conventions of perfumery. Private Blend has been created with real fragrance lovers in mind. As you will have understood, the new Platinum Fern is radically opposed to today’s banal fragrances. With him, everything is a question of nobility and originality.

Platinum Fern, a fragrance for dandies

Tom Ford’s Platinum Fern is a somewhat exhibitionist, mischievous and uplifting scent. With him, everything is a question of exuberance not devoid of refinement. Fougère Platine is for all men who are not afraid of anything and who like to be noticed. Their steps are enough to illuminate the asphalt. It is enough then to meet their gaze once to permeate the memory forever. Fougère Platinum sticks perfectly to the dandy style and gives birth to an unparalleled magnetism in everyday life.

The powerfully woody scent of Platinum Fern

Tom Ford Platinum Fern comes in a sort of apothecary bottle dressed in a brown color. Only a golden label breaks its depth. Like a piece of interior ornament, this bottle has been designed in the purest respect for the rules of traditional goldsmithing. It contains here a particularly powerful woody scent. Its woody opulence is mesmerizing, and echoes the sparkling reflections of the turntable. Generous and extravagant, this fragrance contains cedar wood from the Atlas associated with mugwort oil from Morocco, scarlet sage and tobacco leaves. Bergamot, on the other hand, gives it more freshness and liveliness. This new fragrance is already available and comes in two different formats of 50 and 250 ml. So,

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