Sisley’s Evening Water

Sisley’s Evening Water
Sisley's Evening Water
Sisley‘s Evening Water

L’Eau du Soir, Sisley’s undisputed bestseller

Released in 1990, the Eau du Soir by Sisley has never ceased to be talked about. This one wants to be as strange as fascinating. It has a certain timelessness and even seems to come straight out of the 40s to the 70s. While some consider it somewhat “old-fashioned”, many agree that it is a superb perfume. This revisits the great classics of perfumery while giving particular importance to the story of Isabelle d’Ornano, its creator. So how about delving deeper into the history of this unusual essence?

L’Eau du Soir, a fragrance in the image of Isabelle d’Ornano

Isabelle d’Ornano, or Isabelle Potocki from her maiden name, was born in Poland. Nevertheless, she grew up in Spain and then in England before moving to Paris where she married Count Hubert d’Ornano. Much more than the simple wife of an important man, she has always shown a keen interest in homeopathy and phyto-cosmetics. This is how she decided to create her brand in 1975. Since that day, Isabelle d’Ornano is considered to be the soul of the Sisley house. Both artistic director and muse, she leaves her mark on each of the brand’s creations. In other words, there is currently no Sisley perfume or cream on the market that does not carry the inspiration of Isabelle d’Ornano. This seems to be guided by a mad desire for freedom associated with a deep daring. She most often draws her inspiration from her memories or her travels. Thus, its perfumes, and in particular Eau du Soir, are true calls to the exotic. They contain all of Isabelle d’Ornano’s love for distant lands and this is precisely what we find in Eau du Soir. To be more precise, this one takes us to the heart of Spain on a warm summer evening.

Sisley’s sculptural bottle

If Isabelle d’Ornano leaves her imprint on many of Sisley’s olfactory compositions, she is also at the origin of one of the most beautiful bottles of current perfumery. In addition, it is to her that we owe the sculptural cabochon of the Eau du Soir. If she imagined it in its entirety, she then called on the Polish sculptor Bronislaw Krzystof to realize it. Immediately won over by the smell of Eau du Soir, the artist accepted without the slightest hesitation. From then on, the Eau du Soir stopper became the emblem of the Sisley house. A kind of golden sculpture, it represents the face of a woman. Like a smiling and mysterious star, she lets her hair express itself in the wind. Everything is done in a matte 18k gold. What’s more, as if that wasn’t enough, Sisley also creates limited editions of Eau du Soir at the end of each year, always endowing itself with an unexpected and colorful design. The latter are often manufactured in the limit of 15,000 copies, thus making collectors happy.

L’Eau du Soir is a perfume that saw the light of day in 1990. However, its scent undeniably evokes the 40s to the 70s. It has that little retro-chic side and that slight extra soul that make it a timeless perfume. .

Sisley’s love for Andalusia

Eau du Soir is a fragrance that is strongly inspired by the childhood of Isabelle d’Ornano, founder of the Sisley brand. Indeed, it grew up in the heart of Andalusia. Also, it is a little of her history that she seems to have put at the heart of the fragrance L’Eau du Soir. This evokes a walk in the heart of the gardens of the Alcatraz castle in Seville. More precisely, it releases an odor similar to that of the Seringa flower at dusk. It mixes flowers and spices and thus seems to intoxicate us with the smell emanating from the castle when its doors open. It is a real olfactory journey . Eau du Soir is a sun-drenched essence, halfway between Eastern and Western culture.

The intoxicating scent of Evening Water

Eau du Soir immediately releases scents of mandarin and grapefruit. These citrus fruits are like full of sun and offer an extreme liveliness to the whole. Then, the absolute of rose and jasmine come to captivate the atmosphere of their extreme femininity. Likewise, syringa and ylang-ylang bring an element of exoticism. Finally, Eau du Soir ends with a note of amber and patchouli for a decidedly elegant and sensual trail. If the smell of this perfume is very refined, it is nothing compared to its bottle. Indeed, it is surmounted by a cabochon similar to a real sculpture. Entirely gilded, this one offers us the image of a female face with hair in the wind. It is similar to the essence it contains, as captivating as it is mysterious.

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