New Guerlain Black Bee Honey Balm

New Guerlain Black Bee Honey Balm
New Guerlain Black Bee Honey Balm

Black Bee Honey Balm Abeille Royale by Guerlain, the new treatment for dry and fragile skin

The skin constitutes a fragile organism which is perpetually solicited and attacked. Indeed, pollution, temperature variations or even makeup are all factors that tend to alter it. However, if the epidermis is not properly protected, it tends to lose its beauty and to age prematurely. These effects are also amplified when you have naturally dry skin. If this is the case, know that Guerlain has just developed a brand new product made for you! Focus on the Black Bee Honey Balm Abeille Royale.

The benefits of bee products

Bee products are widely recognized for their beneficial effects on the skin. They are among the best healing in the world and are particularly restorative. Thus, they help the skin to heal and prevent skin aging. This is why the house of Guerlain has used products from the hive to integrate them into a range of treatments called Abeille Royale. These are enriched with Black Bee honey from the island of Ouessant and are true miracles!

The advantages of Black Bee Honey Balm Abeille Royale

The Abeille Royale Black Bee Honey Balm is specially dedicated to the needs of weakened skins in search of nutrition and hydration. It is aimed at all people suffering from dry skin and subjected to extreme conditions of cold, heat, sun, pollution or limestone. Its melting texture is rich but not greasy. It is an ultra-nutritious super-concentrated honey. The Black Bee Honey Balm Abeille Royale immediately makes the skin more supple and comfortable. It reduces wrinkles and roughness of the epidermis. In addition, it is also enriched with a honeyed scent, fresh and light.

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