Sisleya, Sisley’s miracle anti-aging

Sisleya, Sisley’s miracle anti-aging
Sisleya, Sisley's miracle anti-aging
Sisleya, Sisley‘s miracle anti-aging

Today, many women fantasize about magazine girls. So, of course, these are considerably embellished thanks to the magic of PhotoShop. Yes, but still… How not to dream about their perfectly dense, smooth and luminous skin? These dream creatures absolutely never seem tired, worn out by the stresses of modern life, or even from a drunken night out. So, this time we suggest you drill one of their beauty tips. How about knowing a little more about the almost magical powers of anti-aging skincare from Sisleya from Sisley ?

Sisley’s pharaonic research

For many years now, luxury brands have understood that beauty is intimately linked to scientific progress. This is why most of them have invested colossal means in research and development. However, it is precisely from this that the Sisleya range of care from Sisley originates. This required no less than 10 years of research, tackled in 1999. The latter looked at skin aging in a global way. In other words, Sisley approached skin aging in a completely innovative way. Indeed, it is now scientifically proven: anticipated skin aging is not only the result of attacks on the skin. The psychological character also plays a preponderant role in the evolution of the appearance of the epidermis. Behavioral aging marks the face even more than the years and the passage of time. This is why Sisley tried to act on this point as much as on the epidermis as such. The Sisleya range therefore combines multiple active ingredients that play both on the skin cells and also on your well-being.

The active ingredients in the Sisleya range

The entire assortment of Sisleya products, and in particular its best-seller, Integral Anti-Aging, contain a multitude of active ingredients used to stimulate and protect the life cycle of cells degraded by external factors but also internal to the body. These products contain in particular Lindera extract, a product used to resynchronize skin biorhythms. Likewise, mimosa extract has been incorporated into the production of these treatments in order to encourage energy production by the body. Nevertheless, Sisley’s research goes far beyond. Soy protein and yeasts to defend telomeres are present in Sisleya products. Telomeres are the ends of chromosomes whose length is directly related to cell life expectancy. In other words, Sisley decided to deal with the problem directly at the source. Of course, other more common active ingredients are also present in this explosive cocktail. The Sisleya range also contains retinol, panthenol, vitamins E and F, manganese, copper, magnesium, silicon and zinc. Thus, Sisleya is considered to be an extraordinary treatment that stars around the world are snapping up.

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