Black Opium Neon, the latest Yves Saint-Laurent electroshock

Black Opium Neon, the latest Yves Saint-Laurent electroshock
Black Opium Neon, the latest Yves Saint-Laurent electroshock

Black Opium Neon, the new electrifying fragrance by Yves Saint-Laurent

The Christmas holidays are often conducive to the discovery of new perfumes. On this occasion, the biggest luxury brands do not hesitate to reinvent their most famous fragrances and to develop limited editions. If we did not expect to attend the release of a new Opium by Yves Saint-Laurent, it would finally seem that the Parisian brand wanted to surprise us by actually developing a new variation of its cult scent … If you haven’t not yet found the Christmas present that will fly, know that Black Opium Neon will be on sale on the Internet from December 20, enough to arrive just in time in the hood of Santa Claus!

Black Opium, a cult fragrance

Black Opium was born in 2014, while being inspired by the previous Opium perfume by Yves Saint-Laurent, born much earlier, in 1977. Elegant, this perfume is aimed at a woman with a strong character and loving flirting with danger! This oriental and gourmet juice, whose coffee scent is now world famous, immediately won many followers, fascinating refined and urban women just as much as more rock ‘n’ roll and rebellious spirits! Thanks to its notoriety, Black Opium has already been reinvented many times since its release. Today, to our great pleasure, he gives birth to Black Opium Neon, a new fragrance, following precisely the same intrepid and sulphurous path as that of his elders.

Zoe Kravitz as the face of the new Black Opium Neon

Once again, to embody the image of this perfume, Yves Saint-Laurent has set his sights on Zoé Kravitz. Already immortalized in 2018 in an advertisement directed by Jonas Lindstroem, the American actress sticks better than anyone to the image of this new fragrance. A sort of night owl, she brings this contemporary fragrance even more to its time, making it a sulphurous filter, increasing the sensuality of the wearer.

The return of coffee in the new Black Opium Neon

If Black Opium Neon dares a composition very different from that of its predecessors, its iconic coffee touch is still present. Thus, Black Opium Neon does not lack temperament and provides indomitable energy on a daily basis. Its powerful breath is meant to be bitter while remaining greedy. Its sweet side is also amplified by the presence of Dragon fruit, while orange blossom illuminates the whole. From then on, a sparkling star suddenly seems to shine in the dark night of Yves Saint-Laurent… Generally speaking, Black Opium Neon is “a vibrant and soothing fragrance, like a perfect combination of gluttony and seduction”.

Yves Saint-Laurent reinvents its iconic bottle

Presented in a 30 or 75 ml version, Black Opium Neon globally preserves the silhouette of the first Black Opium. On the other hand, its shape is now more elongated. If its black and starry surface is still in the game, its round porthole has swapped its pinkish beige color for a much more flashy pink! Black Opium Neon by Yves Saint Laurent intends to bring more color into your life!

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