Sisley – Supremÿa Night Balm

Sisley – Supremÿa Night Balm
Supremÿa Sisley's Night Balm
Supremÿa Sisley‘s Night Balm

Discover the new exceptional night care that fights against the visible effects of skin aging

Supremÿa Night Balm

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Grand Anti-Aging Care – Supremÿa Baume La Nuit

Sisley’s Supremÿa Night Balm is specially designed to meet the needs of dry to very dry skin, for skin attacked by environmental factors, for those skin lacking in comfort, the creamy, rich and firm balm texture brings a feeling of well-being. and appeasement. In fact, Supremÿa Night Balm contains an intense nutritional complex, based on Hazelnut oil, KoKum butter and Macadamia oil.

The formula of Suprem Laa La Nuit Balm contains in its heart the patented * Sisley Phyto-Complex LC (Longevity Concentrate 12h) *, which consists of four active ingredients of plant origin promoting the rejuvenation of your skin, which act at night, essential moment of the cell regeneration.

Results – Supremÿa Baume La Nuit

Your skin is immediately nourished, hydrated, more comfortable, the features are firmed, smoothed. After two months of application the anti-aging action is visible in depth, the face is firmer, smoother and brighter when you wake up. Fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced. Night after Night your skin is regenerated, restructured and rested. Thus the visible effects of programmed skin aging are postponed.

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