Clarins High Demand Day Cream SPF20

Clarins High Demand Day Cream SPF20
Clarins High Demand Day Cream SPF20
Clarins High Demand Day Cream SPF20

Clarins High Requirement Day Cream SPF20, the care of fragile skin

Over time, the face changes and the skin changes. Yet we would all dream of keeping the look of our 20s. So how do you fight the signs of aging and keep your skin radiant for as long as possible? Clarins provides a solution to your problem by developing ever more sophisticated products. The brand is increasing research in order to preserve your natural beauty. The High Demand Day Cream SPF20 responds more specifically to the needs of weakened and particularly sensitive skin.

Age-related changes

The face is made up of different areas that are very different from each other, which therefore age individually. On the forehead, wrinkles related to muscle hyperactivity appear. Around the eye socket, crow’s feet form. The skin and muscles tend to stretch over time and many women have found their upper eyelids weighed down. Bags under the eyes are also starting to appear. Wrinkles occur around the mouth and can interfere with makeup. Finally, the fatty balls that come to pad the cheekbone when you are young tend to fade. Thus the face is hollowed out and the area called the “valley of tears” is found completely bare. At the same time, be aware that the skin also tends to dry out,

The solution provided by Clarins

The High Demand Day Cream SPF20 is an anti-aging treatment that meets all the specific demands of skin weakened by time and drier than before. It adapts perfectly to hormonal changes that directly impact the appearance of our skin. The Super Restorative Day Cream SPF20 Clarins illuminates the face, and smooth day after day at all levels. The skin appears to be better nourished, and is perfectly hydrated. Therefore, she shines and you shine! Deep wrinkles are reduced and the High Demand Day Cream SPF20 combats sagging skin. Pigment spots are also reduced. Finally, as the High Demand Day Cream SPF20 contains a sun protection factor, your skin is protected from the harmful effects of the sun.

The ingredients contained in the High Demand Day Cream SPF20

As always, Clarins has favored the use of natural ingredients in its product. The High Requirement Day Cream SPF20 contains harungana from Madagascar, a tree known for its powerful regenerating power. A real makeover, it effectively relieves skin infections and promotes collagen synthesis. Thus, it makes the epidermis firmer. It is associated here with shea butter, a very nourishing ingredient that lastingly sublimates the skin and makes it softer and more comfortable.

Clarins High Requirement Day Cream SPF20 is applied to the entire face and neck, previously cleansed, while applying light pressure to stimulate the microcirculation of your skin.

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