For Her Fleur Musc the new Narciso Rodriguez

For Her Fleur Musc the new Narciso Rodriguez
For Her Fleur Musc the new Narciso Rodriguez
For Her Fleur Musc the new Narciso Rodriguez

Narciso Rodriguez completes his collection of the new Fleur Musc For Her

It was in 2003 that Narciso Rodriguez decided to paint us the portrait of his muse . Thus, For Her was very quickly perceived as being the embodiment of femininity according to this creator. This perfume is today considered to be one of the icons of feminine perfumery. Reinterpreted many times, it will come back in a new format at the beginning of 2017. For the occasion, it will be called Fleur Musc For Her, appearing to be a bouquet of flowers mainly made up of rose and peony for a made absolutely carnal and feminine.

The multiple evolutions of For Her by Narciso Rodriguez

If the first For Her made its appearance in 2003 by Christine Nagel and Francis Kurkdjian, it was not long in being followed by multiple variations. Thus, it was reworked into an Eau de Parfum in 2005, before becoming an Eau de Toilette based on orange blossom in 2007, or an Intense Eau de Parfum in 2009. A whole host of variations followed. olfactory, similar to so many female portraits and revealing themselves in turn.

2010 saw the appearance of For Her Iridescent, followed by For Her In Color, For Her Extrait de Perfume, For Her Eau Délicate, For Her L’Eau, For Her Amber Musc, For Her L’Absolu or, more recently, in 2016, For Her Rose Musk. The new Fleur Musc For Her thus appears to be yet another vision of femininity interpreted by Narciso Rodriguez. This collection is then described in this way by its creator: “This portrait expresses everything a woman is: strength, vulnerability, beauty, sensuality and finally depth.

It is my very personal and romantic vision of the imaginary muse that inspires me and allows me to feel what I feel when I create ”. Narciso Rodriguez is a complex character who allows his multiple emotions to overlap through an assortment of fragrances that could not be richer in diversity.

Fleur Musc For Her, a complex and daring essence

At first glance and aesthetically, Fleur Musc For Her greatly resembles its predecessors. Indeed, this new perfume has the same very refined bottle as the entire For Her collection by Narciso Rodriguez. This one is both classic and devoid of any superfluous, protecting a pink lacquering in lines of glass resulting from a real technical feat. Everything calls for discovery and thus lets us glimpse a floral, woody and musky essence. Fleur Musc For Her highlights two typically feminine ingredients: peony and rose.

These two flowers are very romantic here while letting multiple olfactory facets shine through. They are also accompanied by other ingredients. Patchouli makes the whole look darker and more mysterious, while pink pepper shows more impertinence. Amber helps to strengthen the carnal and syrupy scents of this essence. Finally, the musk makes the Fleur Musc For Her fragrance a wildly animal and sensual juice.

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