Sisley Eau du Soir perfume

Sisley Eau du Soir perfume
Sisley - Evening Water
Sisley – Evening Water

Eau du Soir or the scented declaration of Hubert D’Ornano to his beautiful Andalusian …

In 1976 the husband of Ornano, Isabelle and Hubert, founded their own cosmetics and perfume house called Sisley. That same year, the young house offered its already won-over audience Eau de Campagne and its unique aromas of tomatoes and greenery, totally breaking with the classics of the time. Eau de Campagne thus sets itself apart from all, and despite a much more reserved advertising campaign than its competitors, it quickly becomes a classic in perfumery .

However, despite the incredible success of Eau de Campagne in 1976, the Sisley house preferred to devote itself to cosmetic products for many years. In addition, D’Ornano favors meticulous research on perfumed compositions in relation to their frequency, which explains why it was not until 1990 to discover the magnificent Eau du Soir.

Eau du Soir is a perfume that was created, in particular, by Hubert d’Ornano quite simply because he wanted to dedicate a beautiful chypre perfume to his wife Isabelle of Spanish origin as if to better declare his love to her. “Thirteen years after Eau de Campagne, Eau du Soir was created in 1989 for Isabelle. »Says Hubert d’Ornano, Sisley, about Eau du Soir.

In addition to the beautiful message of love that it carries in its scent, Eau du Soir exudes flowers and Spanish citrus fruits by moonlight, as a sign of timeless, unchanging elegance. Of course, the advertisement for Eau du Soir will be refined and will feature the artistically drawn twilight in what could be the D’Ornano’s apartment. If Sisley’s campaigns for cosmetics are often rowdy, this is not the case for perfumes!

On the other hand, Eau du Soir will benefit from the commercial support of limited annual versions which, every year since 2002, have enchanted us with their aesthetic beauty while making us rediscover the wonders of this Eau du Soir with its decidedly timeless beauty.

Citrus fruits and syringa for a deliciously chypre Evening Water

The Eau du Soir bottle will be rather sober in its glass, on the other hand for the stopper the D’Ornano will decide to move towards a collaboration with the Polish artist Bronislaw Krzysztof. For the first version of Eau du Soir, he will create the sculpture of a “cosmic woman” then let his imagination carry it every year to offer Sisley some surprising and original artistic bottles.

Eau du Soir opens with a fresh breeze of mandarin and grapefruit accompanied by the aromatic spiciness of cloves and guinevere berries. At the heart of rose absolute, jasmine and lily combine their delicacy with powerful and deliciously Andalusian ylang-ylang and syringe. Finally musk, patchouli amber and cistus will wrap these flowery sweets in a deep and sensual veil reminding us of the intoxicating heat of Spanish evenings …

“Timeless, amber, enveloping. L’Eau du Soir evokes a stroll through the gardens of the Alcazar in Seville, Spain. »Sisley for Eau du Soir.

Sisley - Evening Water
Sisley – Evening Water

Refined, elegant and timeless, Eau du Soir seduces all women whose femininity, charm and seduction it exalts, at any time of the day.

Sisley Eau du Soir – Perfume

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A perfume of contrasts of great olfactory richness, Eau du Soir gradually reveals its subtle accords, with a perfect balance between the freshness of citrus notes, the sensuality of floral and chypre notes, the intensity of amber and musky.

The elegance of its enveloping wake, the prestige of the bottle adorned with a gilded sculpture-cap in 18-carat mat gold, designed by the Polish sculptor Bronislaw Krzysztof, make Eau du Soir an exceptional fragrance, offer to immortalize magical moments…, a tribute to Eternal femininity.

Sisley Evening Water – Scented Cream

Sisley - Eau du Soir Scented Cream
Sisley – Eau du Soir Scented Cream

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Scented with the subtle notes of Eau du Soir, Eau du Soir Scented Moisturizing Cream softens and hydrates the skin after a shower.

Thanks to the combination of natural plant extracts (Jioh, Liquorice, Sunflower) the skin is:
intensely hydrated

soft, refreshed and satiny
elegantly scented with the floral chypre notes of Eau du Soir …

Creamy, fluid, it is applied generously all over the body after a bath or shower.

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