Serge Lutens perfume L’Eau de Paille

Eau de Paille, when summer water sells us wheat fields!
Serge Lutens perfume L'Eau de Paille
Serge Lutens perfume L’Eau de Paille

Today, perfumeries are inundated with new scent essences, mostly from major fashion houses known across the entire planet. However, some brands manage to emerge in the midst of this flood of ever more innovative smells. This was particularly the case with the Serge Lutens house. This niche perfumery sees its development increasing year by year and will thus deliver a new essence to us within a few weeks. This will be called L’Eau de Paille and is advertised as an “anti-perfume”. In short, it is an original scent that we are already eager to discover.

The L’Eau collection by Serge Lutens

Serge Lutens is a creator at heart, born in the north of France in 1942. From the age of 14, he worked in a hairdressing salon, against his will, while he aspired to a career in actor. Then, in the 1960s, he went to Paris where he worked in the field of cosmetics. In this case, he worked for the Shiseido brand, which was then little known, and became its artistic director in 1980. Then, in 2000, he decided to open his own perfume house. However, he devotes himself exclusively to the management of the latter and does not design the species themselves.

On the other hand, it uses prestigious noses that work with particularly noble raw materials. In fact, the first range of fragrances launched by Serge Lutens was intended only for a public of initiated and wealthy people. It was only later that Serge Lutens decided to create essences with a more “common” scent and above all more affordable. Among his new fragrances, in 2010 he launched a scented collection simply called L’Eau. The latter marks a real change within the Serge Lutens brand. Indeed, these perfumes are in total opposition to the intense scents which precede them and opt instead for very natural nuances. Also, it is precisely from this range of perfumes from which the new Eau de Paille comes.

L’Eau de Paille, a non-conformist fragrance

Serge Lutens - L'Eau de Paille
Serge Lutens – L’Eau de Paille

L’Eau de Paille will appear by February in the Serges Lutens boutique at the Palais-Royal in Paris, and in March in all other perfumeries. Its smell is unlike any other and, as its name suggests, Serge Lutens aims to immerse us in the heart of a field on a hot summer day. Its smell thus appears to be quite dry and Serge Lutens also says that it is “dry water for those who do not like to get wet.

He then alludes to the notion of dry toilet from ancient times, a time when water was considered somewhat dangerous. We can recognize there all the irony of Serge Lutens! Indeed, the latter is known for its assertive temperament and goes so far as to qualify this new essence as “anti-perfume”. The latter is a unisex fragrance that draws its share of masculinity from vetiver while its woody aspect gives it a very natural allure and its aquatic accord releases its liveliness.

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