Rouge Gradient by Dior, the first gradient for the lips

Rouge Gradient by Dior, the first gradient for the lips
Rouge Gradient by Dior, the first gradient for the lips
Rouge Gradient by Dior, the first gradient for the lips

Every spring, all the major luxury brands unveil their new make-up products. Also, Dior has taken the lead and has already announced its new products for the coming months. Also, among the surprises of 2017, the Rouge Gradient is a favorite. Focus on this new lipstick capable of giving unparalleled volume to your mouth with a simple snap of the fingers!

The luscious finish of the Dior lip shadow duo

An unprecedented and never-before-seen make-up product, Rouge Gradient is already eagerly awaited in the make-up world. This is none other than a stick of lipstick made up of a double flexible foam tip and allowing you to successively spread two different colors on your mouth. Thus, this duo of lip shadows will allow you to create a tailor-made gradient and obtain a fuller mouth than ever.

What’s more, this product has an ultra-comfortable creamy powder that will deposit a unique matte finish on your lips without any material effect. These two similar colors and at the same time very different will allow you to create an effect of superposition, a sort of crossfades whose intensity can be modulated according to your desires. To do this, nothing could be simpler, this product is applied like a classic lipstick.

You just have to start by applying the lightest shade to your mouth and cover it with small darker touches starting from the center of your lips and blending the material outwards. Thus, it will give you an absolutely irresistible “bitten lip” effect! The Rouge Gradient is then offered in three different shade variations. You are free to choose whether you prefer to opt for a delicate pink, an intense red or a deep plum.

A product from the Color Gradation collection by Dior

This colorful makeup comes from Dior’s Color Gradation collection . This one was developed by the talented Peter Philips who confides being inspired by the perpetual movements of nature and its ephemeral colors blooming every spring. The result is a variation of products, each more colorful than the next, going from navy blue to intense pink or solar yellow.

Everything already promises new make-up. Also, if you’ve always dreamed of wearing makeup that is a bit offbeat, this new collection may well be ideal for you. To your brushes; it is up to you to add color to your life!

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