Diorshow Pump’N ‘Volume

Diorshow Pump’N ‘Volume
Diorshow Pump'N 'Volume
Diorshow Pump’N ‘Volume

Diorshow Pump’N ‘Volume, the new generation mascara from Dior

All makeup enthusiasts are familiar with the unmissable range of Diorshow mascara from Dior. This is one of the most emblematic of the entire makeup department and continues to evolve from year to year. It must be said that nothing seems too beautiful to sublimate the eyes of women and create doe eyes! Thus, once again, the Dior brand has just created a new version of its star product. It is now called Diorshow Pump’N Volume and is equipped with a revolutionary case. So, let’s take a closer look at this little gem of technology.

The composition of Diorshow Pump’N ‘Volume mascara

The Diorshow range from Diorwas launched in 2002 and very quickly captured the hearts of women. The ambition of this mascara is to create incredible volume in your eyelash fringes so as to intensify your eyes more than ever. Make-up used by professionals behind the scenes of the biggest catwalks, this one is a real feat of technology. Enriched with microfibers, the Diorshow Pump’N Volume visually reproduces the effect of a false eyelash break. What’s more, its formula does not dry out and never creates clump effects on the lashes. Very ingenious product, Diorshow Pump’N Volume inserts its product between the eyelashes so as to densify the fringe very naturally. In addition, its waxy texture is very flexible and allows to emphasize the look with more or less intensity according to the number of applications carried out. So, the lashes are coated pass after pass and this allows you to create a made-to-measure volume. Finally, the Diorshow Pump’N Volume is enriched with a treatment that contributes to making the eyelashes naturally smoother and better covered.

The new Dior case

Yes but then, so far, nothing very innovative … Well, think again! The Diorshow Pump’N Volume contains an absolutely stunning new case. This has a flexible rubber base. Its specific shape allows you to place your fingers on its cylindrical silhouette so as to exert a slight pressure on it. This allows you to heat your product with your fingertips and distribute it evenly over the brush without removing it from its case. What’s more, it allows you to mix your mascara without getting air into its tube. Thus, this avoids drying it out. However, it is clear that this system plays considerably on its pose and its effects, especially if we are to believe the new advertising campaign proposed by Dior. This highlights the model Bella Hadid.

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