Rouge COCO FLASH, the new CHANEL lipstick

Rouge COCO FLASH, the new CHANEL lipstick
Rouge COCO FLASH, the new CHANEL lipstick
Rouge COCO FLASH, the new CHANEL lipstick

Rouge Coco Flash reinvents itself in Chanel’s new spring-summer 2019 collection

Twice a year, in spring and fall, the biggest luxury brands totally reinvent their collection. The new creations of these prestigious brands are revealed to the general public through prestigious catwalks, drawing in the process the new trends of tomorrow. Of course, this goes above all through the metamorphosis of their clothing line, but not only… Make-up is also renewed , year after year, improving new formulas that are always more elaborate and protective. At Chanel, in 2019, the focus is on the iconic Rouge Coco Flash, which this time is enriched with a new sensoriality.

Chanel’s new 2019 collection

The house of Chanel has just revealed its new makeup collection. For spring-summer 2019, Lucia Pica, Creative Designer of Chanel makeup, wanted a range that looks like her. It is addressed here to free and determined women. “I stand for the freedom of makeup that expresses personality,” she says. For this, she was inspired by “the dazzling and subtle contrasts of Asia, whose cities, streets and markets she traveled through. Seized by the beauty of everyday details, she creates an intense collection, tinged with green, blue, gold, ivory and fuchsia. A luminous line ”. However, it is precisely within this new collection that the Rouge Coco Flash of 2019 was presented.

Rouge Coco Flash, a lipstick available in 24 colors

The new Rouge Coco Flash by Chanel gives free rein to all desires and eccentricities. It comes in 24 different colors, some of which are very understated, while others clearly play the extravagance card. From pale pink to intense red, Rouge Coco Flash has something to seduce a wide range of women. Its unique formula incorporates a polymer film which improves the adhesion of its make-up and gives it enhanced shine. Thanks to it, your smile shines with a shimmering glow!

Protective active ingredients in Rouge Coco Flash by Chanel

Note also that Chanel does not stop there, and tries to take care of your smile. Indeed, it is one of the most sensitive areas of your body. The skin is very thin and little protected. It is therefore necessary to hydrate it continuously to preserve its beauty and comfort. The new Rouge Coco Flash incorporates powerful moisturizing agents. It combines three vegetable waxes of mimosa, jojoba and sunflower. These ingredients deeply nourish the lips and give you an instant and lasting feeling of comfort. Likewise, a silicone wax further completes the set, immediately fusing with your mouth for a flawless glide and instant fusion with your lips. The Rouge Coco Flash offers you a new sensory experience, like a veil of silk suddenly traversing your skin.

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