Azzaro Mademoiselle, a new essence

Azzaro Mademoiselle, a new essence
Azzaro Mademoiselle, a new essence
Azzaro Mademoiselle, a new essence

Mademoiselle Azzaro, all the splendor of Paris bottled

The Azzaro brand entered the world of perfumery in 1975. However, its first fragrance for women met with only mixed success. Azzaro is more famous for his masculine compositions with a very Mediterranean temperament. However, the brand has decided to take its revenge and today presents us with a fragrance more romantic than ever and endowed with a typically Parisian elegance: Mademoiselle Azzaro .

Mademoiselle Azzaro, the scent of a true Parisian

Mademoiselle Azzaro is the incarnation of a Parisian who enjoys strolling in the cobbled streets, leaning on the terraces of cafes and surveying the hill of Montmartre. Its fragrance is in its image: it has a subtle elegance and a deceptively relaxed charm. Mademoiselle Azzaro is an essence that one can easily imagine swirling in the alleys of the capital.

The floral scent of Mademoiselle Azzaro

Mademoiselle Azzaro is characterized by a tangy and floral scent. Its start takes off on a fruity scent of peach illuminated with citrus fruits. Her heart, meanwhile, is like a huge bouquet of peonies, iris, and syringa flower. Finally, Mademoiselle Azzaro ends with a more woody base of cedar, subtly enhanced with a hint of caramel.

Azzaro offers us a jewel bottle for its new fragrance

From then on, only one bottle was missing to complete the whole. Mademoiselle Azzaro is presented to us in a kind of jewelry. Its transparent glass has multiple facets that reflect the light in a powdery pink color of the most feminine. A gray satin bow is tied at its collar, nodding to the iconic codes of Azzaro couture.

The year 2015 marks a turning point for the Azzaro house. Indeed, it was best known for its masculine perfume, Azzaro pour Homme, launched in 1978. In addition, the latter is one of the essential fragrances in the world of perfumery. The years seem to glide over him without ever leaving him a wrinkle and he would become almost timeless. Also, in 2015, the Azzaro house decided to fill women. She then launched a most sensual fragrance called Azzaro pour Elle . Building on the success of this first essence, the brand has just announced the forthcoming release of a new fragrance: Azzaro Mademoiselle will see the light of day in 2016.

An announcement made in Moscow by the Azzaro house

It was in November 2015 that the Azzaro house decided to announce the news. Indeed, she organized a parade in the heart of the Russian capital. For the occasion, she chooses to invest premises in one of the emblematic mansions of Moscow. Do not imagine that the atmosphere was that of traditional Russia, far from it. Indeed, Azzaro has instead chosen to transform the place into a trendy district of Paris. Once the parade passed, all the gratin of fashion present that evening was surprised to learn that a new feminine fragrance would soon see the light of day. Azzaro then unveiled the visual of his new bottle as well as some of the ingredients that would make up his new essence. Little information has filtered out for the moment. However, rest assured,

Azzaro Mademoiselle, a scented essence full of joy

Azzaro pour Elle was one of the most sensual perfumes. Indeed, according to Loris Azzaro, “A perfume must always exalt your power of seduction. When you wear it, it is important that your partner wants to feel you, to touch you, to be near you… ”. Also, that was exactly what it was all about in this first feminine essence. This new olfactory variation is very different. Azzaro Mademoiselle is a very delicate fragrance synonymous with joie de vivre. It is an ode to happiness combining very feminine, floral, gourmet and fruity scents. It opens with a real basket of fruit. Then, these tangy scents give way to particularly carnal tones. Indeed, Azzaro Mademoiselle offers us a real bouquet of flowers. This combines peonies with jasmine. The rendering is then very light and airy. The base is sweeter and will delight gourmets. We especially smell the smell of caramel combined with the depth of cedar wood. Sophistication then mingles with suave and particularly warm notes.

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