Pure Cream Deodorant by Biotherm

Pure Cream Deodorant by Biotherm
The Deo Pure Cream by Biotherm
The Deo Pure Cream by Biotherm

Regulate your perspiration with the Deo Pure Cream from Biotherm

In ancient times, women used to go to thermal springs in the Pyrenees to regain eternal youth. Later, these water sources were used by Gallo-Roman soldiers who plunged into them to treat their war wounds. Then, in the 1950s, these miraculous springs were transformed into spas.

The secret of these baths was then revealed: the Plankton of Life. From this discovery was born one of the biggest cosmetic brands on the planet: Biotherm . Although thermal water has remained at the heart of its range, Biotherm has now extended its know-how to many other products. Today, the brand invites you to discover its Deo Pure Crème.

Sweating, a natural but unpleasant phenomenon

Sweating is a totally natural phenomenon that affects absolutely all human beings. To give you an idea, we eliminate on average between 0.5 and 1 l of perspiration per day. This phenomenon is present over the entire surface of the body but may be more marked in certain areas such as the armpits, hands or feet.

Indeed, it is in this precise place that most of our sweat glands are located. Sweat itself is made up of salt and water. Therefore, it is completely odorless. But then, why do we say that we smell sweat? In reality, this is a misnomer. As sweat comes in contact with the skin’s surface, it collides with bacteria.

There is a phenomenon of maceration and this is precisely where the unpleasant smell of perspiration comes from. Therefore, an effective deodorant does more than just regulate excess sweating. Above all, it eliminates bacteria on the surface of your skin to limit the smell of sweat that we all dread.

The Deo Pure Cream by Biotherm

As the name of this product suggests, the Deo Pure Crème Biotherm takes the form of a soft and soothing cream. Very pleasant, it leaves a comfortable and delicate film on the skin. Its very rich formula does not irritate the epidermis and takes care of weakened skin. The Deo Pure Crème by Biotherm is applied in the blink of an eye and leaves no traces on the skin or clothes.

Its antiperspirant active regulates sweating for 24 consecutive hours. Thus, it will allow you to stay fresh from early morning until evening. Like many Biotherm products, it is based on several natural ingredients such as chamomile extract, silicon microspheres or aluminum hydrochloride. Its formula thus combines efficiency and respect for the epidermis. The balance of your skin is not disturbed by this deodorant. Therefore, it is ideal for sensitive skin and leaves a feeling of freshness and appeasement on them.

The Deo Pure Crème by Biotherm is applied in the morning, just after your toilet. Its compact size allows it to be easily carried in a handbag. Thus, it will allow you to make small fresh touch-ups during the day if necessary.

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