Euphoria Pure Gold, new solar goddess

Euphoria Pure Gold, new solar goddess
Euphoria Pure Gold, new solar goddess
Euphoria Pure Gold, new solar goddess

After launching the Euphoria fragrance for Women in 2005, the Calvin Klein house never stopped reinterpreting this juice. Nevertheless, each of the perfumes from this collection has kept the same ambitions as the first part of this assortment. Each of them tries to give us the image of a euphoric woman, a sort of sensual and carnal muse. Therefore, the new part of Calvin Klein is no exception to the rule. This is now called Euphoria pour Femme Pure Gold. It already promises to reveal all the sensuality that lies dormant deep inside you. Calvin Klein also offers a masculine version of its perfume .

Euphoria pour Femme by Calvin Klein, a juice that continues to transform

Euphoria pour Femme is a fragrance unlike any other. This offers clients of the Calvin Klein house a unique and fascinating experience. As the brand explains, “Euphoria is a journey to infinity. Inspired by the freedom to live your dream ”. The announcement is promising and immediately makes you want to know more. Euphoria pour Femme is a fragrance that seems to emanate directly from a dream. It is all at the same time: femininity, temptation, fantasy, magnetism, seduction …

Since then, women have expressed a certain attraction towards him. The success was immediate. Carried away by this enthusiasm, Calvin Klein decided to metamorphose his perfume over and over again as if to revive the dream at every opportunity. In 2006, Euphoria Blossom was more tender. Euphoria Spring Temptation, on the other hand, emphasized the tropical aspect. In 2014, Euphoria Liquid Gold warmed up its scent of orchid and effervescent spices. What’s more, in the same year, Endless Euphoria added cherry blossoms to it while Euphoria Gold enriched its fruit flavor. In 2015, Euphoria Intense became more vibrant than before. Finally, in 2016, Deep Euphoria spiced the rose with her perfumeof white pepper while creating a refreshing contrast with tangerine leaf. You will understand, Euphoria never stops dragging us into new universes.

The new luxurious fragrance of Euphoria pour Femme Pure Gold

If this is not the first time that Calvin Klein has opted for the “scent of gold”, Euphoria pour Femme Pure Gold seems to be the most solar juice of the entire collection. Its scent begins with an absolute radiance of neroli associated with the gluttony of a date. Then, it continues in its heart thanks to the orange blossom. This is complemented by the exoticism of ylang-ylang as well as the sweetness of almond. The rose brings more femininity and poetry to this perfume. Finally, it is the turn of sensuality to complete this composition.

Euphoria pour Femme Pure Gold ends with a blend of musk, patchouli, benzoin and vanilla. Everything is presented to us in a bottle with a silhouette very similar to that of its predecessor. This was designed in collaboration with designer Fabien Baron. With surprising lines, this visual is actually inspired by an orchid in full bloom. Both refined and timeless, this bottle greatly facilitates handling. Its elegant aluminum scabbard has now given way to a more golden color.

Its curves perfectly echo the feminine sensuality. What’s more, the architectural silhouette of this perfume fits perfectly with the modernity of the Calvin Klein brand.

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