Armani Code Cashmere

The history of the Armani Code Woman collection
Armani Code Cashmere
Armani Code Cashmere

Armani Code Cashmere, the new sweet fragrance from Armani

Armani Code Femme is a fragrance that first saw the light of day in 2006 (after the masculine in 2004 ) and which continues to captivate the feminine universe with its enigmatic and sensual allure. Also, a new version of this juice called Armani Code Satin had already emerged in 2015 and appeared to be a milder variant than the original. In this continuity, Armani has already announced the upcoming arrival, in January 2017, of a new original juice. This time it will be warmer and more amber than ever. Prepare to welcome the tender caress of Armani Code Cashmere!

The unique composition of Armani Code Cashmere

Of course, Armani Code Cashmere will not shy away from its origins and will thus retain its characteristic orange blossom note. It must be said that this is one of the major ingredients to evoke the Mediterranean, land that could not be more dear to the heart of Giorgio Armani.

This brings here a touch of unparalleled brightness. It appears from the top notes of this fragrance, combining with the floral, rich and opulent aspect of jasmine. Then, this sensual and airy start is quickly relayed by the presence of heliotrope.

This small flower from South America and growing in spring then brings a veil of softness on the whole. It is a plant with a flavor similar to that of almond or vanilla. Nevertheless, its tenderness similar to that of a fresh butter madeleine is also embellished with a more peppery facet similar to that of the carnation. Overall this is a very fragrant flower. Here it is embellished with iris, one of the noblest plants in the perfumer’s entire palette and famous for its powdery flavor. Finally, Armani Code Cashmere gradually darkens, leaving behind a flavor of incense and patchouli complemented by the sensual animality of leather.

Everything is signed by two perfumers, namely Carlos Benaïm and Dominique Ropion, two exceptional noses that were already present for the creation of the very first Armani Code.

The emblematic Armani bottle revisited

On the aesthetic side, Armani Code Cashmere obviously takes the silhouette of its elders. Armani Code Cashmere is contained in a sort of totem pole rising towards the sky via slightly curved lines. Thus, Armani Code Cashmere arches slightly at the waist, drawing the curves of a sensual and attractive woman. The whole then offers us a sublime hypnotic gradient. Evolving from a black tint at the top to an absolutely captivating amethyst base. Note also that everything becomes clearer in its center as if to reveal the name of this juice to us in transparency. Armani Code Cashmere was designed similarly to Armani Code Satin, simply swapping its pink hue for a cooler, mysterious tone. In this sense, it is even closer to the first opus of Armani Code Woman and already promises to make the greatest fans of this fragrance happy.

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