New Limited Edition Black Opium Exotic Night

New Limited Edition Black Opium Exotic Night
New Limited Edition Black Opium Exotic Night
New Limited Edition Black Opium Exotic Night

Black Opium Exotic Night, new limited edition of Yves Saint-Laurent bestseller

The Yves Saint-Laurent house is both famous around the world for its elegance, combined with a good dose of extravagance. The creator, in his time, always liked to cause scandal. In perfumery, its Opium perfume had also been very controversial when it was released in 1977. Its marketing was even banned in some countries. Its illicit connotation did not, however, curb the enthusiasm of women towards it. Even today, Opium is famous all over the world. Since 2014, it has also reinvented itself in the form of different Black Opium , a juice just as powerful but more delicious than before. In this year 2019, Yves Saint-Laurent invites you to rediscover it, delivering all its flavor to you in a new bottle: Black Opium Exotic Night.

Black Opium Exotic Night preserves the oriental and gourmet recipe of its elder brother

Let’s start by emphasizing that Black Opium Exotic Night preserves the scent of its predecessors. This novelty relies above all on its visual to surprise you. Its nectar, meanwhile, plays in a chiaroscuro register. On the one hand, a scent of black coffee symbolizes the dark energy of the Yves Saint-Laurent woman. On the other hand, Black Opium Exotic Night softens with a bouquet of white flowers, composed of jasmine and orange blossom. The pear, for its part, brings here a fresh and delicious touch. The vanilla makes the whole more sulphurous. Finally, for more depth and a strong character, Black Opium Exotic Night ends with a woody touch of cedar and patchouli. The result is a mysterious elegance.

The new bottle of Black Opium Exotic Night

The bottle of Black Opium Exotic Night seems both familiar to us, while adopting a new style. Its shape has remained the same as before. These walls, on the other hand, are very different. Now, the original black finish of Black Opium has disappeared in favor of glittery palm leaves standing out against a transparent and pink background. Black Opium Exotic Night seems to have put on its festive attire, while taking us to a distant elsewhere. Black Opium Exotic Night is inspired by a lush and mysterious forest. Its circle of light is always present in its center, displaying its name on a flaming pink, possessing in it all the energy of the rising sun.

Black Opium Exotic Night, the scent of a woman flirting with the forbidden

You will understand, Black Opium Exotic Night is a fragrance that does not lack temperament. Chic and mystical, it offers us a new journey. Its philosophy, however, remains the same. Both luminous and obscure, Black Opium Exotic Night portrays us the portrait of an intrepid, sulphurous and passionate woman. Nothing seems to be able to stop it, not even the most daring challenges! Black Opium Exotic Night is the scent of a modern day adventurer, both rock ‘n’ roll and rebellious. Black Opium Exotic Night is designed for women on edge, living life out of control, letting their thirst for new things guide them. If nothing scares you, this perfume is for you!

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