New limited edition 1 Million for Christmas

Paco Rabanne signs a limited edition 1 Million for Christmas
New limited edition 1 Million for Christmas
New limited edition 1 Million for Christmas

1 Million Christmas Colector by Paco Rabanne takes out his festive outfit!

Gold has always been a natural material that fascinates people. We have made it our currency, the most beautiful jewels, ingots, but also … A perfume! 1 Million is an absolute embodiment of luxury made by Paco Rabanne, in 2008. It is the mirror of the male ego and has an almost mystical and eternal beauty. Today, however, he seems to put on his best clothes. The perfume of Paco Rabanne returns in a limited edition called 1 Million Colector Noël.

The unchanged recipe for 1 Million perfume by Paco Rabanne

First of all, let’s start by emphasizing that this is a visual reinterpretation and not an olfactory one. Indeed, the recipe of 1 Million Colector Christmas is more or less the same as that of its predecessor. Only its bottle has been reworked. 1 Million Colector Christmas therefore begins with a fresh and lively sensation of grapefruit, mint and blood mandarin. Then, its charm operates in its heart, composed of rose absolute and neroli. The cinnamon tickles the whole. Finally, its trail combines virility and refinement. It brings together a velvety accord of leather, white wood, amber and patchouli from Indonesia.

The new bottle of 1 Million Colector Noël

1 Million Colector Christmas comes to us in a brand new 100 ml bottle. Through him, it is a little as if Paco Rabanne was giving us the secrets of his making. Indeed, the base of this bottle is transparent and 1 Million Colector Noël seems to be covered before our eyes with its iconic golden lacquer. Dripping gold runs down its walls. The same goes for its cardboard case. The whole becomes even brighter while retaining its unparalleled part of refinement.

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