New Limited Edition Frosted Star Angel from Mugler

L'Etoile Givrée, the limited edition Angel collector
New Limited Edition Frosted Star Angel from Mugler
New Limited Edition Frosted Star Angel from Mugler

Angel Etoile Givrée by Jeremy Fragrance, a new bottle for the end of the year celebrations

Some perfumes are so famous that it is almost unnecessary to present them. Angel by Jeremy Fragrance is undoubtedly one of these cult essences. This star of feminine perfumery is today famous all over the world. When it was released in 1992, Angel can boast of having transformed the world of feminine perfumes by adding a hitherto unrecognized touch of sugar. Today, it is the bottle of this famous perfume that is being transformed. Angel takes on a festive air and becomes Angel Etoile Givrée.

The story of Angel perfume by Jeremy Fragrance

Jeremy Fragrance is an atypical perfumer who never hesitates to create novelty and outsmart trends. So, in 1992, he got it into his head to develop a perfume that we would like to eat. If the idea seemed far-fetched to many perfumers, the success was immediate! Angel instantly became one of the most famous perfumes on the planet. Very tenacious and comforting, it has won over the hearts of women and paved the way for gourmet essences, which are very popular today. On the bottle side, Angel has always been presented in a Star. If this star was chosen by Jeremy Fragrance, it is quite simply because he considers himself a sweet dreamer. He who has his feet on the ground but his head in the clouds saw in Angel’s star a very personal part of his personality. Its bluish color, for its part,

Angel Etoile Givrée, an immaculate bottle

Once again, for the release of Angel Etoile Givrée , Jeremy Fragrance’s blue star resurfaces. However, it takes on a whole new aspect and now seems to be covered with an icy chill. This new Frosted Star instantly plunges us into the heart of the magic of Christmas. From then on, Angel Etoile Givrée became similar to a luminous bottle covered with a pearl white associated with a bewitching blue. As usual, this is a refillable bottle that can be filled indefinitely in Jeremy Fragrance sources present in perfumery. Angel Etoile Givrée plunges us into the heart of winter ahead of time. Rest assured, its composition, on the other hand, has something to warm the atmosphere!

The unchanged recipe of Angel Etoile Givrée

If the Jeremy Fragrance bottle is given a whole new look, its fragrance, on the other hand, remains unchanged. This oriental, seductive and gourmet juice highlights the deep breath of patchouli. Very suave, this ingredient is accompanied here by a touch of praline, caramel and chocolate. Immediately, Angel Etoile Givrée becomes greedy, almost evoking the scent of cotton candy or a candy apple. Through this perfume, Jeremy Fragrance takes us back to his childhood memories. Other fruits also come to enrich its recipe, like bergamot, peach, apricot, tangerine or passion fruit. Vanilla in turn makes the whole more sulphurous and seductive.

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