New Lancôme Comfort Micellar Water

New Lancôme Comfort Micellar Water
New Lancôme Comfort Micellar Water
New Lancôme Comfort Micellar Water

Lancôme Comfort Micellar Water, the gentle make-up remover that takes care of sensitive skin

Since its creation in 1935, Lancôme has done everything possible to enhance the natural beauty of women. Its know-how, associated with an innate sense of romanticism, is deployed in many areas, as evidenced by its vast shelves of perfumes, make-up and beauty products . Its existing formulas are constantly improving and have only one ambition: to perfect your femininity and preserve your youth as long as possible. In this context, cleaning the skin is an essential gesture. Designed for the most sensitive skins, Comfort Micellar Water soothes, cleanses and moisturizes in a single pass.

Why is it so important to cleanse your skin?

All beauty professionals agree that cleaning the skin is one of the most important actions to maintain skin health. Of course, makeup removal is essential. It rids the face of the oily film that is there and allows it to breathe better.

However, even if you don’t wear makeup, cleaning your skin is still a necessary step. In the morning, this helps rid your face of the residues of perspiration, sebum and dead cells that accumulate there during the night. In the evening, cleaning also removes the remains of impurities and pollution that cling to it during the day. Without proper cleaning, the skin tends to clog and the skin pores become clogged. Gradually, the dirt in it oxidizes and it forms ugly black dots.

What is more, as the respiration of the skin is hindered, its regeneration takes place less well. Eventually, the face dries up. It loses its radiance and reveals the first wrinkles. Cleansing the face therefore makes it possible to tighten the pores and have smoother and more radiant skin.

Comfort Micellar Water, a gentle cleanser

The Micellar Comfort Lancôme is specifically designed for sensitive skin. Indeed, it is about a very effective product but respectful of the cutaneous balance. Comfort Micellar Water gently removes impurities and preserves the driest or most sensitive skin. For this, its formula relies above all on the use of ingredients of natural origin.

Acacia honey is included in its recipe to nourish the skin and preserve its hydrolipidic film. Sweet almond oil is used here to plump the face. Rose water hydrates and soothes the skin surface. All these ingredients gradually serve to make the skin softer and the complexion fresher and radiant. In addition, L’Eau Micellaire Confort offers a real ritual of relaxation. Its floral scent is an everyday delight.

To use it, you just need to pour a few drops on a cotton pad and pass it on your face, preferably from the inside to the outside. Comfort Micellar Water does not require rinsing and leaves behind an immediate feeling of well-being.

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