New La Vie est Belle perfume bottle by Lady Pink

The limited edition La Vie est Belle signed Lady Pink
New La Vie est Belle perfume bottle by Lady Pink
New La Vie est Belle perfume bottle by Lady Pink

La Vie Est Belle Arty Lady Pink, a new reinterpretation of Lancôme’s famous perfume

La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme is a perfume that we no longer present as its notoriety precedes it. It is one of the biggest hits on the planet and as such has been reinterpreted many times. While La Vie est Belle L’Éclat Eau de Toilette has only just emerged, Lancôme invites us to discover a whole new facet of its personality. This time, the change is more about its design. La Vie Est Belle adopts a more urban and trendy look than ever by loading up with graffiti. Focus on La Vie Est Belle Arty Lady Pink.

Lancôme keeps its original recipe

First of all, know that this new perfume only transforms the Lancôme bottle, and not its scent. So, if you are a fan of La Vie Est Belle perfume, you will not be disoriented. The recipe for La Vie Est Belle Arty Lady Pink is much the same. This fragrance mainly highlights the nobility of the iris while enveloping it in a very feminine aura based on sambac jasmine and orange blossom. La Vie Est Belle Arty Lady Pink also unleashes a real breath of indulgence in a trio of praline, vanilla and tonka bean. The patchouli, meanwhile, comes to structure the whole and give it more character.

The new bottle of La Vie Est Belle Arty Lady Pink

If La Vie Est Belle Arty Lady Pink is a surprising fragrance, it is above all thanks to its bottle. Indeed, its bottle puts two very different eras in opposition. Its shape has remained unchanged and dates from 1949. Indeed, this bottle called “the crystal smile” was created in 1949 by Armand Petitjean and Georges Delhomme. Its base always draws a broad smile, a real source of optimism. However, its glass walls are today decorated with many graffiti. These are drawn in a bright pink color and encourage us to see life on the bright side. Designed in a limited edition, La Vie Est Belle Arty Lady Pink also supports the ActionAid association which fights against dropping out of school, a very good initiative in these back-to-school times …

Lady Pink, the American graffiti legend

To make this new bottle, Lancôme did not hesitate to call on one of the legends of the world of graffiti: Lady Pink. Endowed with a formidable grip, this woman managed to impose herself in a typically masculine environment, becoming one of the first American female graffiti legends at the end of the 80s. Sandra Fabara, her real name, Lady Pink is native of Queens and arrives with all its New York culture, enough to make us travel to the heart of the Big Apple!

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