New Glowing Black Opium YSL Eau de Toilette

Eau de Toilette Glowing Black Opium YSL
New Glowing Black Opium YSL Eau de Toilette
New Glowing Black Opium YSL Eau de Toilette

Black Opium Glowing, when the legend of Yves Saint Laurent reinvents himself with freshness

Opium by Yves Saint-Laurent is not a perfume like the others. He broke the taboos of his time, shocking some, but also making many followers. From then on, he spanned the decades, classifying himself as a true legend in women’s perfumery. It displays greater modernity in a new version called Black Opium . Here again, success is there and this juice is currently one of the bestsellers of the Yves Saint-Laurent brand. In this context, the brand has decided to ride on its success, and has just announced the upcoming release, in early 2018, of a fresher and airy derivative of its scent: Black Opium Glowing Eau de Toilette.

Black Opium Eau de Toilette, a “sparkling floral coffee”

Black Opium Glowing is an eau de toilette designed as a “sparkling floral coffee”. Thus, it is a fragrance that combines boundless energy and subtle freshness. The typical floral signature of Black Opium Glowing is still present. Thus, Black Opium Glowing has managed to keep the heritage of its predecessors while giving itself a new lease of life. Its start takes up the caffeine-based signature emblematic of the entire Black Opium collection. This adrenaline rush is paired with a rounder, juicier pear. The freshness of Black Opium Glowing, on the other hand, shines through in a duo of citrus, and more specifically lemon and bergamot. Then, the heart of Black Opium Eau de Toilette takes the form of a huge bouquet of white flowers. Sambac jasmine reveals all its opulence, while the orange blossom brings a more solar note to the whole. Black Opium Glowing finally rests on a more woody base of cedar and patchouli. Musk then amplifies its sensuality.

Black Opium Glowing offers a new glitter and transparent glass

On the aesthetic side, Black Opium Eau de Toilette Glowing is in perfect harmony with its recipe. It retains many codes from the previous Black Opium while offering new, more subtle details. Its silhouette has remained essentially the same, and its central glass porthole is still present. Its glass, on the other hand, is more transparent. Its glittery pink finish is very feminine, and the whole exudes a lightness hitherto unexplored in the collection. Thus, Black Opium Glowing offers itself a bottle in perfect harmony with the lightness it contains.

Black Opium Glowing, the scent of an energetic and impulsive woman

Generally speaking, Black Opium Glowing is a composition thought for today’s women, at the same time “energetic, impulsive and addicted to the fun”. It is aimed at all those who like “to experiment with new experiences with friends, to live in the present moment and to seek the unexpected”. Black Opium Eau de Toilette has retained an unparalleled refinement while possessing in it a part of rebellion. Black Opium Glowing can easily be imagined worn by a slightly nonchalant and somewhat boyish woman. So what are you waiting for to “experience this sparkling new addiction”?

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