New Dior Blush Origami palette

New Dior Blush Origami palette
New Dior Blush Origami palette DIOR
New Dior Blush Origami palette DIOR

New Blush Origami, the Japanese exclusivity of Dior

A first Dior boutique exclusively devoted to the world of beauty has just opened its doors in Omotesando, one of the trendiest districts in Tokyo. In the Japanese capital, this innovative space is the first to be exclusively dedicated to beauty products and perfumes .

It houses a treatment room and exhibits all of Dior’s most legendary fragrances. Likewise, the French brand presents exclusive creations such as the Prestige Edition of the iconic J’Adore L’Or perfume in a Haute Joaillerie version. It is therefore especially for this store that the new Blush Origami palette was created.

Dior’s new Blush Origami palette

The Blush Origami palette is an exclusive product that consists of many colors. Its powder assembles several powdery shades to form the letters D, I, O and R in pastel shades, sometimes drawing more on pink or even peach.

The powder of Blush Origami is compacted in an elegant metallic case with a shimmering appearance. This opens to reveal an assortment of four colors that blend perfectly with each other. It all overcomes a lighter powder acting as a highlighter, enough to highlight your best assets! Each of the shades in this palette can be used alone or can be mixed with other powders using a mini kabuki brush.

This small compact case can be taken absolutely everywhere and is particularly practical for carrying out small makeup touch-ups during the day. Thanks to it, your face will appear as fresh and dapper as if you have just spent a day in the great outdoors!

How to properly apply your Dior blush?

However, to have a particularly convincing result, it is still necessary to know how to apply your blush correctly. This makeup staple helps structure the face and instantly gives a healthy glow.

Origami Blush is a powder product, which makes it easier to dose. If you have fair skin, know that Dior Origami Blush will suit you perfectly. Indeed, pink tones are the most suitable for light skin. If you have dark skin, you will need to use the rather orange undertones of this palette. Likewise, always stain to match your lipstick with your blush.

So, if you opt for the pink shades of Blush Origami, avoid accompanying them with a lipstick in orange tones. Once the color is defined, all you have to do is apply your Origami Blush using your Kabuki brush on the rounded part of your cheekbone. Your gesture should be done in a circular fashion, stretching the powder up and out of your face.

The idea is to form a sort of comma to give the impression that your cheekbones are going up. On the other hand, make sure to always blend the color as much as possible so as not to look like a Polichinelle. The Origami Blush simply needs to bring a subtle touch of color to your face without it really getting noticed. The idea is to keep a very natural effect.

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