New Chanel N ° 5 Fragments d’Or

New Chanel N ° 5 Fragments d’Or
New Chanel N ° 5 Fragments d'Or
New Chanel N ° 5 Fragments d’Or

Fragments d’Or, the perfumed body gel derived from Chanel N ° 5

Some perfumes are considered true legends. They cross the ages without ever taking a wrinkle and only amplify their notoriety over the decades. Undoubtedly, Chanel N ° 5 essence is part of this category of exceptional fragrances. This perfume was born in 1921 from the hands of Gabrielle Chanel. Then, little by little, Chanel diversified its activity to also take an interest in the world of cosmetics. Today, it is these two universes that meet. Perfumery mingles with body care. Chanel N ° 5 thus becomes a soft, creamy and enveloping gel named Chanel N ° 5 Fragments d’Or.

Back on the history of Chanel N ° 5

Chanel N ° 5 is considered by many to be THE legendary perfume par excellence. Moreover, it remains to this day the best-selling perfume in the world. A true masterpiece of perfumery, this is a very feminine and timeless juice. Through it, Gabrielle Chanel wanted “to create an inimitable perfume, a perfume like no other, a woman’s perfume, with a woman’s scent”. Indeed, at that time, perfumes were quite simple. They were kind of photographs of nature, without really taking an interest in the personalities of the women who wore them. Chanel N ° 5 has become one of the beginnings of our modern perfumery. Not content to slip only into the crook of your neck, it comes back in the form of a Chanel N ° 5 Fragments d’Or gel and intends to cover your entire body.

The perfumed breath of Chanel N ° 5 Fragments d’Or

Chanel N ° 5 Fragments d’Or is a scented gel that is both fresh and creamy , obviously inspired by the olfactory notes of the iconic Chanel N ° 5. This is a sophisticated break to afford on a daily basis. Chanel N ° 5 Fragments d’Or is inspired by the silky harmony of rose and jasmine that make up the Chanel N ° 5 perfume. This body gel is like a velvety bouquet of flowers. It’s warmed up with warmer, more exotic undertones and finally dizzies in a woody blend of sandalwood, vetiver, oakmoss, musk and vanilla.

Chanel N ° 5 Fragments d’Or, a real caress on the skin

Chanel N ° 5 Fragments d’Or is presented in a rectangular bottle, reaching towards the sky. Golden glitter and gold particles seem to hang in its texture. Chanel N ° 5 Fragments d’Or is similar to molten gold to spread over the skin. Of course, this gel not only perfumes your body but also takes lasting care of your skin. It strengthens hydration and nourishes the skin throughout the day. Of course, Chanel N ° 5 Fragments d’Or is perfectly suitable for everyday use. Dermatologically tested, it is suitable for all skin types. It spends in its path small golden sequins. Thus, it is the most beautiful effect in the neckline or on the forearms.

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