Cartier’s Declaration of Love

Cartier’s Declaration of Love
Cartier's Declaration of Love
Cartier’s Declaration of Love

Created in the late 1990s, Declaration is a fresh, sparkling and sensual masculine scent. It evokes a generous, gentle, whimsical and enthusiastic man. Also, it is made up of many facets, like today’s couples. It is also this image that is portrayed in advertising. We find a couple in turn happy, furious and in love. Declaration has an assertive character. It gives us a smell that is both persistent and very sensual.

Statement, the scent of a whole man

Statement is the scent of a man who does not hide his emotions. It is that of a man in love. He then swims in full happiness and lets himself be guided by passion. This Declaration is one of his feelings and is intended for the woman he loves. Indeed, there are a thousand and one ways to honor someone dear to our hearts. This can take the form of a rare gift, a piece of jewelry, flowers… or also a perfume that one would leave as a souvenir on the skin after a torrid embrace and so that it is engraved forever in the memory. This perfume then becomes a Declaration. In this case, it is a racy and whimsical nectar. He is the essence of a fiery man taking his destiny in hand and whose only goal is to flourish through seduction. It is unique and denotes by its difference.

Cartier signs a fragrance that does not lack character

Declaration begins with a dynamism similar to that of the early morning. It is fresh and bright and embellished with bergamot and sweet orange. Also, it is in his heart that the true Declaration of love takes place. In this case, it is the mugwort, cardamom and juniper that make the feelings fuse. Then, the olfactory embrace becomes warmer. The tones become more woody and intimate. Statement combines vetiver, oakmoss and cedar wood. Its wake then becomes deep and could not be more masculine. What’s more, birch wood softened by musks brings a final touch of sensuality. The bottle is also very elegant. He is slender and slender. However, the top of this case offers us a cutaway drawing a heart and symbolizing all the delicacy of its intentions. Its glass is smooth and its different facets are united through the presence of the word Declaration. Finally, it is equipped with a most elegant metal clasp.

A feminine perfume from the Cartier brand for women which could be a step before the declaration… Baiser Volé

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