Modern Princess Blooming, Lanvin’s new insubordination

Modern Princess Blooming, Lanvin’s new insubordination
Modern Princess Blooming, Lanvin's new insubordination
Modern Princess Blooming, Lanvin’s new insubordination

Modern Princess Blooming, Lanvin’s new rebellious princess

Remember: in 2016, the Lanvin house gave birth to a perfume called Modern Princess, as a very current vision of women, living in a mysterious way. In 2018, this floral and gourmet fragrance had already been revisited in a more intimate Eau Sensuelle. However, even today, Lanvin has decided to open a new chapter in its history, displaying the portrait of an adventurous woman who is even more rebellious than before. This is how Modern Princess Blooming was born , as if to celebrate the brand‘s entry into the year 2020. So, how about conquering the world alongside this intrepid woman? For that, it is up to you to follow its captivating wake …

Modern Princess Blooming, the fragrance of a particularly sexy woman

Modern Princess Blooming is for all the sexy, luscious and indomitable women of today. Do you advocate “princess power”? This perfume is made for you! He portrays us the portrait of a mysterious and rebellious woman, making each day a new adventure or one more challenge to be taken up. Like this modern woman, Modern Princess Blooming is a fragrance rich in many facets. Modern Princess Blooming knows how to remain glamorous while being terribly seductive. Designed for rebellious and disarming women, he possesses an incredible spirit of freedom. Is the woman who wears it a businesswoman willing to do anything to achieve her goals? Is she a spy? Is she just a femme fatale donning a vaporous red dress when evening comes? The Modern Princess Blooming woman has more than one string to her bow and is continually guided by danger and the forbidden!

Modern Princess Blooming, a biting and floral fragrance

More concretely, Modern Princess Blooming first opens with a very fruity note. To capture our attention and highlight all the vivacity of spirit of the Lanvin woman, he sets off on a combination of watermelon, pink grapefruit and tangerine. The freshness of this juice is absolute. Then, its breath evolves into a more floral heart, containing jasmine, Damascus rose and osmanthus. This huge bouquet then vanishes into a more animal and woody background. Modern Princess Blooming leaves behind a subtle trail of cedar and white musk.

Lanvin’s jewel bottle

As if to echo its incredible sense of elegance, La Maison Lanvin has made a sumptuous jewel of its bottle. Dressed in sensual curves and a wavy glass, the bottle of Modern Princess Blooming plays on transparency and reveals all the beauty of a juice degraded between pink and red. His signature, Lanvin, is inscribed vertically, in a red color, as if to evoke the forbidden, passion and danger. A metal chain, emblem of the house, also appears on the ring attached to its collar. Modern Princess Blooming is a blend of modernity and elegance.

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