Michael Kors Sexy Blossom perfume

Michael Kors Sexy Blossom perfume
Michael Kors Sexy Blossom perfume
Michael Kors Sexy Blossom perfume

Sexy Blossom, the new sensual eau from Michael Kors

In 2015, Michael Kors made a lot of talk with the appearance of a perfume called Sexy Amber. It was a juice that captured the very essence of sensuality while adding a touch of chic. This fragrance turned out to be sumptuous and deeply seductive, releasing particularly warm and almost erotic scents in its passage. She seemed to embody on her own all the audacity and impertinence of the Michael Kors brand . Thus, in the extension of this last essence, Michael Kors has just announced the release of his brand new perfume. This one is called Sexy Blossom, understand “sexy flower”… That says a lot about her assumed femininity!

The story of Michael Kors’ Sexy fragrances

The least we can say is that Michael Kors is not his first try when it comes to the development of sexy essences. It all started with the appearance, in 2014, of Sexy Rio de Janeiro.

It was a floral and fruity juice intended for the fairer sex and bringing together exotic tones of mango and vanilla on a heart of honeysuckle and jasmine. This was quickly followed by Sexy Sunset, a particularly floral fragrance that lets a very romantic and sensual heart explode after a more fruity appetizer. Finally, the most recent is none other than Sexy Amber, a juice that made a lot of talk last year and exploding a scent of warm amber wrapped in sandalwood is associated with lush white flowers.

Thus, Sexy Blossom is in exactly the same line and intends to capsize the heart of anyone who crosses her path thanks to her extraordinary sex appeal!

The tempting scent of the new Sexy Blossom

Sexy Blossom does not hide its tempting side and displays its femininity from the first olfactory notes it contains. Indeed, it reveals a succulent rose scent from its top notes, which is rare enough to be underlined.

For more exoticism, Michael Kors has also added a fruity part of lychee. The whole is then embellished with lightness through the presence of dew drops and green leaves. It would almost be enough to close your eyes to be immediately transported to a garden on the other side of the world on a beautiful spring day and when nature has barely awakened. Then, this sweetness endures in his heart. Sexy Blossom lets a very floral blend explode.

The latter contains in particular peony, orchid, lily of the valley and freesia. Finally, the whole becomes little by little more sustained at the level of its wake. Its musky side is revealed through the presence of ambroxan. Musk, meanwhile, brings the more animal side to the whole, almost managing to become erotic. Finally, it all ends with the creamy and enveloping smoothness of sandalwood. Likewise, on the bottle side, Sexy Blossom is anchored in the slender glass case typical of this entire Michael Kors collection. This is topped with a golden plate as a cabochon and this time reveals an absolutely feminine pinkish purple color.

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