Lumière Pen, the new Sisley Highlighter

Lumière Pen, the new Sisley Highlighter
Lumière Pen, the new Sisley Highlighter
Lumière Pen, the new Sisley Highlighter

Bring more radiance to your skin with Sisley Highlighting Light Pen

The foundation is a product widely used in the world of make-up . It has also been used for centuries, although its form has changed greatly in recent years. Yet, used alone, it is not enough to beautify your skin enough. First of all, blush is essential to bring a little color and cheerfulness to your face. The highlighter, meanwhile, is just as important. It is used to illuminate the skin thanks to many light-reflecting pigments. It is therefore precisely on him that our attention will be turned today. Yes, but not just any… Focus on the Sisley Highlighter Pen!

The Illuminating Light Pen, a concentrate of luminosity

The Illuminating Light Pen, like all the products in this category, is a true miracle object to hide the traces of fatigue and give you an instant healthy glow. It boosts the radiance of the skin in a simple swipe and conceals the shadowy areas of the face. With it, dark circles and traces of fatigue will no longer be visible on your eyes. Instantly, your skin appears more radiant and your eyes are more lively.

What’s more, Sisley’s Illuminating Light Pen also hides fine lines and wrinkles. To achieve such effects, he combines soft focus pigments that illuminate the skin by reflecting light, like a diamond, for example. What’s more, the Illuminating Light Pen also contains a whole bunch of skincare actives that beautify your face every day. It notably contains extracts of Acai, Golden Apple, Oat seeds and White Lily. Combined together, these ingredients act continuously on the youth and health of your skin.

The Lumière Enlumineur Pen will also seduce you with its fine and fresh texture that glides delicately on the face. Applying the Light Highlighter Pen acts like a real photo retouch. Like Photoshop, there is nothing better to hide all your little flaws! Finally, know that the Sisley Highlighting Light Pen is available in four different variations, in order to get as close as possible to your natural skin tone.

Some application tips

To make your life easier, the Sisley Illuminating Light Pen has a cushion tip. This forms a kind of small cushion which captures, by simple pressure, the right dose of product. From then on, all you need to do is use the Light Highlighter Pen like a classic brush. Apply the product to the areas of your skin that you want to light up with light tapping. Then, for a natural result, do not forget to blend its texture directly with your finger. The Light Highlighter Pen can be used in different ways. It can be put directly alone on bare skin, which is very practical in summer. Used before your foundation, it conceals small imperfections. After the foundation, it illuminates the shadow areas.

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