Louboutin – Bikini Questa Sera fragrance

Louboutin – Bikini Questa Sera fragrance
Louboutin - Bikini Questa Sera fragrance
Louboutin – Bikini Questa Sera fragrance

Bikini Questa Sera, the feminine sun concentrate from Christian Louboutin

What woman in the world has never dreamed of accompanying a sublime evening outfit with a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps? The very name of this creator is enough to make people fantasize. The famous pumps of its brand, with high heels, a black scalloped opening and a red lacquered sole, are today emblematic of the high-end women’s wardrobe. Even the Yves Saint-Laurent models are snatching them up! All the stars swear by this designer and he appears to be a staple of female beauty. Also, the many fans of his house will be delighted to learn that they will now be able to perfume themselves with the scent of Christian Louboutin. The designer presents his brand new fragrance called Bikini Questa Sera.

When Christian Louboutin tries his hand at cosmetology

If the news did not fail to make the buzz, however, note that the talented Christian Louboutin is not at his first attempt in terms of beauty. Indeed, this true creative genius seems eager to turn to cosmetology for several years now. Moreover, he always specializes a little more in the matter each season. He even inaugurated a brand new Beauty Area at Printemps Haussmann in Paris. Likewise, he had also created a triptych of lipsticks for the Christmas holidays. Spring 2016 has also just filled us with happiness with the appearance of two charming boxes containing three varnish references, very inspired by the pop shades of the 50s. Going into perfumery therefore seemed only to be the perfect continuation of the work. by Christian Louboutin.

The new Bikini Questa Sera

As the name of Bikini Questa Sera suggests, it pays homage to beautiful summer days and portrays to us the image of skin heated by the sun. Bikini Questa Sera is a juice that smells of the beach and the holidays. However, let’s not forget that Christian Louboutin is a seducer at heart. In this sense, it is more a question of a heat vanishing into the dark night. Bikini Questa Sera takes us to the twilight of a summer day, when the party is in full swing and the sun is gradually replaced by the moon. Bikini Questa Sera begins with a fragrance based on Paradisoni, a molecule close to hedione, with a very strong smell of white flowers. This is combined with greener facets before evolving into a particularly floral and feminine heart. The latter contains sambac jasmine associated with the richness of tuberose. These two ingredients are also enriched with a creamier dash of Australian sandalwood. Ambergris then gives the whole more sensual airs before evaporating in a deeper and mysterious breath emanating from Haitian vetiver.

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