Little Woman, the fragrance for IKKS girls

Little Woman, the fragrance for IKKS girls
Little Woman, the fragrance for IKKS girls
Little Woman, the fragrance for IKKS girls

Little Woman, a first step towards adulthood signed IKKS

The IKKS brand first made a name for itself in the world of couture. From its launch, it has developed clothing for children and adults, all having in common to combine authenticity, modernity and creativity. IKKS is often characterized by a lively and colorful style.

Thus, when she decided to develop her activity in perfumery, her philosophy remained intact. Today, IKKS remains very attentive to market trends. However, the trend of perfumes for children and adolescents continues to develop. It is therefore precisely on this market segment that the new range of IKKS perfumes has been focused. Addressed to young girls, Little Woman plunges us into a very current world but not devoid of innocence and spontaneity.

The contemporary urban design of the Little Woman perfume

Little Woman from IKKS is a modern and refined juice that is aimed at all young girls today, eager to gain autonomy and spontaneity. Far from being too girly a juice, it has managed to preserve the innocence of childhood without becoming too cutesy. Filled with gaiety, it plunges us into a poetic universe, and this is evident from the vision of its bottle.

Little Woman is delivered in a bottle common to all the references of the IKKS house. The latter rests on a solid base and rises to form a cylinder. Its transparent glass this time reveals a pretty very feminine pink color. However, a silver color breaks this set and brings it more modernity. A label is also tied at its collar. This is to echo the couture line of the IKKS house. Little Woman has a style that is both trendy and feminine. It alone embodies the authenticity of the IKKS concept.

Little Woman, a fresh and fruity fragrance

Little Woman is an offbeat and laughing juice that affirms its femininity in a fresh and fruity breath. Its vitality is revealed from the start of this essence. Little Woman takes off on a fresh combination of bergamot and cardamom. This pep’s alone reveals to us all the ardor of youth. Then, lavender reinforces the Mediterranean and aromatic scent of this composition. The violet gives the whole a more powdery and feminine scent. Lily of the valley in turn accentuates the airy side of this fragrance.

However, Little Woman does not lack body and is wrapped in a smoother and smoother peach. Jasmine, the emblematic white flower of women’s perfumery, plunges us into a more romantic world. Finally, the base of Little Woman becomes more opulent and creamy on contact with tonka bean and amber. The result is a somewhat childish juice which, however, does not lack temperament. Little Woman is aimed at all the little women who are not afraid to assert themselves, and who wish to learn about a universe hitherto reserved for the older ones.

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