Little Woman Pink Malibu, something new for young girls

Little Woman comes to Malibu this summer
Little Woman Pink Malibu, something new for young girls
Little Woman Pink Malibu, something new for young girls

IKKS Little Woman Pink Malibu, a feminine, summery and playful fragrance

For a few years now, perfumery has been developing a whole new category of fragrances specifically dedicated to children. Rest assured, these scents are not exactly the same as those we put on adult skin. They are less concentrated in alcohol and meet very strict standards. Therefore, they are non-irritating and non-drying. On the other hand, they are an excellent way to introduce the youngest to the world of scents. Among the most famous references for young girls, Little Woman from IKKS is one of the favorites. Today, it morphs into a summer edition named IKKS Little Woman Pink Malibu.

Little Woman Pink Malibu from IKKS offers a clean and feminine silhouette

Let’s start by taking a closer look at his bottle. Entirely covered in pink, it instinctively gives off a feeling of femininity. Brighter than before, it seems illuminated with a new solar ripple. Its visual remains nevertheless very refined. Finally, it is topped with a small silver cap which gives it a more contemporary and urban look. All this visual is in perfect harmony with his philosophy. IKKS Little Woman Pink Malibu is a fragrance designed for modern, lively and spontaneous young girls. Its perfumed breath, meanwhile, gives off a cheerful and spring scent.

The sparkling breath of Little Woman Pink Malibu perfume

On the scent side, IKKS Little Woman Pink Malibu revolves around the most famous scent duo in female perfumery : rose and jasmine. These infinitely romantic plants are sublimated by the exotic delicacy of lychee. They are also refreshed with apple, lemon and blackcurrant. Finally, over the hours, IKKS Little Woman Pink Malibu gains in smoothness and tenderness. It is finally enveloped in musk, sandalwood and amber.

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