Lisse Minute by Clarins, the solution for a flawless complexion

Lisse Minute by Clarins, the solution for a flawless complexion
Lisse Minute by Clarins, the solution for a flawless complexion
Lisse Minute by Clarins, the solution for a flawless complexion

Fine lines, dark circles, dilated pores, unsightly pimples… We all know the difficulties in masking the small imperfections present on our face. However, it is essential to try to erase them before even starting to apply makeup. This is why most of the major cosmetic companies absolutely recommend the use of a base. The latter forms a sort of cream and is the essential tool for obtaining flawless skin. Also, among the most renowned and the most effective of the make-up department, Clarins is not left out. Focus on the house’s Smooth Minute Filling base.

The unique texture of the Smooth Minute Filler Base

Lisse Minute Base Comblante is a make-up base that has already been awarded a beauty prize. This miracle product is halfway between makeup and cosmetic care. It has a fine and smooth texture, gliding over the skin as if to deposit a satin veil. The Smooth Minute Filling Base forms a kind of imperceptible second skin capable of filling and erasing all the imperfections of the epidermis, such as wrinkles, fine lines or dilated pores.

The face is thus seen completely uniform and can then properly support a foundation. Its light texture and not grace penetrates instantly. What is more, its name was not chosen at random: the Lisse Minute Base Filler instantly smoothes the skin. Its effects are visible immediately. Your face is then given a real peach skin, softer but also more luminous.

Lisse Minute Base Filler, a product that can be used as a treatment

In addition, know that the Lisse Minute Base Filler is not only used in preparation for makeup. It can perfectly be applied on its own, like a facial treatment. A single nut of this miracle product is enough to obtain spectacular effects. Imperfections are filled and the skin texture is considerably improved. What’s more, if its effects are visible immediately, its daily use and intense hydration allow long-term results to be obtained. Clarins thus ensures your immediate beauty while preparing that of tomorrow.

The correct application procedures recommended by Clarins

To apply your Lisse Minute Base Filler, Clarins recommends that you first apply it in small steps on the visible blemishes of your skin. Once this operation is done, you just have to spread it with your fingertip, lightly tapping the product to better make it penetrate inside your skin. However, for more efficiency, it is better to wait a few minutes for the product to be perfectly impregnated into your skin before adding your foundation or powder.

You now know everything about the Smooth Minute Base Filler! You are now ready to face the years. You now have no excuse not to appear radiant day after day and it may well be that more than one woman in the future will ask you what your beauty tip is …

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