Night of Fire, the solar storm signed Louis Vuitton

Night of Fire, the solar storm signed Louis Vuitton
Night of Fire, the solar storm signed Louis Vuitton
Night of Fire, the solar storm signed Louis Vuitton

Nuit de Feu, an ultimate ray of fiery sunshine signed Louis Vuitton

The Louis Vuitton house is famous for its many leather goods as well as for its collections of very refined seams. It has always supported travelers, offering them luxurious luggage. However, as if to recall its love for distant lands, the brand has decided to make a whole series of fragrances dedicated to escape. To enrich this fragrant range, Louis Vuitton presents us, in March 2020, a new essence. This time, the Italian brand plunges us into the heart of the dark night. In a warm and intriguing atmosphere, Louis Vuitton reveals the scent of the Nuit de Feu perfume.

Louis Vuitton, travel lover

Since its creation, Louis Vuitton has been committed to accompanying travelers on all their journeys. It all started in 1854, when the brand made its first transport trunks. Since then, Louis Vuitton products have roamed the four corners of the globe. Now, what better way than to meet distant cultures and lose your bearings in order to refocus on your deepest desires? Louis Vuitton describes travel to us as real means of accomplishment. And it is precisely by taking inspiration from this that the Nuit de Feu fragrance was designed. This essence is a call to the exotic and seems straight out of a travel diary. More than a simple smell, it leaves behind a real sensation. Rich in emotions, it makes the scent of a dark and warm night float in the air,

Night of Fire, a very sensual essence

Nuit de Feu is a fragrance that owes its existence to perfumer Jacques Cavallier. However, more than ever, the creator seems to have bet on sensuality and eroticism. This fragrance is intended for both men and women. It is shared and is conducive to exchange and intimacy. With it, the scent of two skins mixes and creates a particularly tempting result. Floating a part of mystery in everyday life, incense mingles with frankincense. Then, musk and leather make the whole more animal. The result is an absolute sensuality, rich in an almost palpable eroticism. Finally, as if to recall all the refinement of the Louis Vuitton house, Nuit de Feu ends with a base of oud wood, a prestigious ingredient, one of the most luxurious raw materials of the perfumer’s entire palette.

The Louis Vuitton bottle: a refined flask

The Nuit de Feu bottle immediately marks the belonging of this perfume to the great Louis Vuitton family. Indeed, all of the brand’s essences are presented in a similar container, designed by designer Marc Newson, an expert in simplicity. Here, he was inspired by an old apothecary vial. No superfluous detail is allowed on this visual. Tinted in midnight blue, this bottle is mysterious and intriguing. Only its name is inscribed in orange writing on its front face, while the words Louis Vuitton are embossed on its walls.

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