L’Interdit Givenchy Couture Edition, new fragrance 2019

L’Interdit Givenchy Couture Edition, new fragrance 2019
L'Interdit Givenchy Couture Edition, new fragrance 2019
L’Interdit Givenchy Couture Edition, new fragrance 2019

The interdict of Givenchy offers itself a new Couture Edition

Some perfumes seem to have been designed to cross decades and flood the world with their legendary scent for many years to come. Thus, it is not uncommon to see the greatest perfumes reinventing themselves long after their release, as if to address a new generation of women. In 2018, Givenchy revived its L’Indit fragrance , initially designed in 1957. This cult fragrance is still being renewed today and Givenchy is offering us a collector’s edition. Focus on L’Interdit Couture Edition, the brand’s latest creation, a sort of nod to Givenchy’s two universes: perfumery and haute couture.

The interdict Edition Couture, the new chapter in a love story

The forbidden Couture Edition opens the new page of a romance that began much earlier. It all started in 1953, when Hubert de Givenchy formalized his relationship with the English actress Audrey Hepburn. Inspired by their light and evanescent love, he made a perfume for his beloved. Initially, this juice was purely confidential and intended only for the actress. Nevertheless, a few years later, Hubert de Givenchy wanted to reveal this tribute to the eyes of all women. He then had in mind to name his fragrance Audrey. The actress, a bit jealous of having to share this creation, forbids her to do so. This is how this perfume got its name: The forbidden. In 2018, Givenchy modernized this previous essence, incorporating more elegant and sophisticated touches. Still,

The very couture bottle developed by Givenchy

The interdict Edition Couture comes in a cardboard box completely covered in pure and dazzling white, like an echo of the airy scent of this perfume. The edges of this packaging, meanwhile, are covered with fine black lace. Inside, the little box is crisscrossed with a flamboyant red, like passion that can arise from feelings of love. The whole thing contains a transparent glass bottle, on which is drawn the Givenchy logo in a very refined lace. A pendant bearing the name of the brand and that of the fragrance is also attached to the neck of this bottle. Everything is particularly refined, immersing us instantly in the brand’s haute couture know-how.

The luminous and floral senses of L’Interdit Couture Edition

To make the recipe for this new fragrance , the Givenchy house called on three renowned perfumers, namely Dominique Ropion, Anne Flipo and Fanny Bal. Together, they imagined a sort of “white flower, crossed by black notes, revealing a luminous femininity that flirts with darkness”. This trio likes to describe its essence as “shocking facets of chic”. The forbidden Edition Couture by Givenchy begins with a duo of pear and bergamot. Then, the white flowers take hold of his heart. The interdict Edition Couture mixes tuberose, jasmine and orange blossom. Gradually, the base of this composition darkens, ending with a quartet of vanilla, vetiver, patchouli and ambroxan.

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