L’Instant Magic the magic of the Guerlain musky flower

L’Instant Magic the magic of the Guerlain musky flower
Instant Magic the magic of the musky flower
Instant Magic the magic of the musky flower

The venerable Guerlain house has always been able to tell us about these beautiful moments that remain etched in our minds forever. With L’Instant, Guerlain exhaled in us the amorous ecstasy and the warm beauty of an unforgettable moment. Four years later, the Instant Magic propels us into an even more magical and transcended universe of sweets as if to better go pick a few musky stars… So let’s be transported by the precious scents of the talented creators Randa Hammami and Sylvaine Delacourte in this Instant Magic of all beauty!

The caressing mist of a perfumed dream, L’Instant Magic by Guerlain

In 2003, with L’Instant, the Guerlain house reconnected with what it has always liked to make us feel: the magic of a moment, of a moment that remains engraved forever. The oriental scents of the Instant and the communication in full love turmoil propelled us into a warm and felted universe, contrasted and powerful. By offering Instant Magic in 2007 , the house is renewing its vows while creating scents exuding the tenderness and dreamy femininity drawn by the formidable perfumers Randa Hammami and Sylvaine Delacourte.

“The Instant Magic has a different orchestration from the Instant. There is a “Musquinade”, a ball of tender and cocooning white musks, with a totally addictive and surprising trail. »Guerlain for L’Instant Magic.

Thus the advertising communication around L’Instant Magic will be done differently than for the moment. The passion in love is no more, for the Instant Magic it is the dream that operates! So we discovered a spot playing chiaroscuro to take us up a baroque staircase worthy of fairy tales. The sweet and sensual woman climbs endless steps until finally reaching her goal… picking stars. This is to say if the Instant Magic offers us scented dreams!

Instant Magic or the beauty of a woody floral fragrance as soft as a caress

The Instant Magic bottle has retained the luxurious shape of the one created for the Instant . However, just like its scented composition, Instant Magic plays with the contrasts of intense black and soft powder pink to amaze us better. The mysteries of femininity have hardly finished surprising us with this Instant Magic!

Indeed, Instant Magic offers us as soon as we enter its notes a dazzling start of sparkling bergamots. Then roses and freesias bring to the heart their delicate flowery beauties as if to better exhale the tender femininity of this Instant Magic. Finally we will discover in beautiful musky depths what Sylviane Delacourte called a “Muscinade” in honor of course of the so famous Guerlinade. It is mainly the warm white musks married to a bitter almond that orchestrate these depths of their tenderness by mingling with the pleasure of sensual and warm notes of sandalwood and cedarwood.

“The Instant Magic is a journey to a dream world, where the real world is transfigured. With an immediately identifiable wake, it illustrates the moment when the dream becomes possible. Light and soft, L’Instant Magic evokes a caressing mist on a bed of wood and musks. »Guerlain for L’Instant Magic.

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