Paco Rabanne perfume OLYMPEA

Olympéa: the scent of a goddess of the new millennium
Paco Rabanne - OLYMPEA
Paco Rabanne – OLYMPEA

Olympéa, the new beautiful story told by Paco Rabanne …

Paco Rabanne, renowned designer with disproportionate eccentricity, has never taken half measures when it comes to haute-couture like perfumery. As early as 1969 and the pretty Calandre, the very first Paco Rabanne perfume, a story was told to us, although that of Calandre is a bit misleading! Because Paco Rabanne wanted to offer a perfume that would be “so avant-garde that it would be shocking”. A successful bet, Calandre has made history .

From then on each perfume will have its own universe, sometimes strange universes, sometimes eccentric but sometimes also misunderstood by the public. However, after several fragrances that have raised questions, the perfume house Paco Rabanne has been able to return to mainstream success thanks to the release of the perfumed couple Black XS, the One million couple and now the Invictus-Olympéa couple.

For the sweet and angelic Olympéa, the story we are told is more akin to mythology than to the mad gold rush of One Million. Yet Olympéa has managed to keep the excess that gives the touch of humor to the dreamlike worlds of Paco Rabanne while making us dream. Olympéa is the goddess to whom everything smiles, the one who resists no one, just like her athletic alter-ego Invictus .

Moreover, the beautiful ambassador of Olympéa, Luma Grothe, does not hesitate to play on her charms and her insolent beauty to dazzle us: “Luma’s eyes are invaded by seduction and playfulness, they convey a great deal of love. ’emotions. It is this gaze that takes us, like the frozen gods of this imaginary Olympus, in the wake of her seduction ”.

The duality of an Olympéa between vanilla sensuality and floral delicacies

The Olympéa bottle will be as imposing and provocative as the concept of composition or communication, Paco Rabanne never offers anything at random … A disturbing coincidence, moreover, which made it a designer named Marc-Ange who signed the beautiful antique bottle of Olympéa! Round in shape like an art-deco-inspired laurel wreath, the Olympéa glass is bordered by the angel wings of its goddess, unless you can see the famous ones of victory. The pale pink shiny like an antique brings a touch of luxury to the whole.

The olfactory adventure of Olympéa offered by the three great renowned perfumers, Dominique Ropion, Loc Dong and Anne Flipo, opens with a departure of the most original salty vanilla. In order to obtain this original note, the perfumers have mixed calone, mandarin and salicylates. At the heart, hydroponic jasmine is as flowery as it is aquatic, the better to amaze us. Finally, ambergris mixes with cashmeran and sandalwood to offer a salty and sensual trail to the goddess Olympéa. A few touches of caramel and vanilla give these heats their melting delicacies.
“Olympea, the modern Cleopatra!

Her magnetic gaze and her eau de parfum carry us in the wake of her seduction. »Paco Rabanne for Olympéa.

A new perfume for women at Paco Rabanne this year: Olympéa

After the success of the Invictus masculine perfume, what could be more natural than to create its counterpart for women. So the Maison Paco Rabanne imagined the Olympéa perfume .

Olympéa perfume


A perfume between myth and reality just like its equivalent for men: Invictus. After the scent of the modern gladiator who has only one goal: to be victorious! This is Olympéa: the scent of modern Cleopatra! With this new opus, the brand Paco Rabanne is clearly inspired by mythology for the development of its Olympéa perfume.

Luma Groth - Olympea Perfume
Luma Grothe – Olympea Perfume

Since the success of the “rock” duo Black XS for Men and Women. Paco Rabanne never stops creating “couples” of perfumes. This was once again a winner with the 1 Million and Lady Million fragrances. It is therefore natural that the Olympéa and Invictus perfumes come to form the new star couple Paco Rabanne.

Advertising – Olympéa Paco Rabanne

L’histoire se passe au sommet de l’Olympe demeure des dieux invisible aux humains qui trône au dessus des nuages. Luma Grothe descend les marches de l’Olympe pour se rendre dans un patio où se trouve les thermes des dieux. En bas des marches une voiture de sport ailé  incarnant le Pégase moderne surplombe la scène. Les Dieux se détendent, ne semble pas perturbé par la venu d’Aphrodite incarné par Luma Grothe, ils continuent de se faire servir par des servantes. Lors de son arrivée la déesse Aphrodite claque des doigts (signature mythiques des précédentes publicité de la brand)  les servantes arrêtent leurs activités puis Luma Grothe frappe des mains et elles la suive. Les dieux restent ébahit par le pouvoir et la beauté d’Aphrodite.

Luma Grothe – Olympéa Paco Rabanne

Le mannequin de 22 ans Luma Grothe né au brésil incarnera la Cléopâtre des temps moderne pour Paco Rabanne. Une déesse entre mythe et réalité à l’image du parfum Olympéa. Après avoir signé un contrat avec L’Oréal Paris cette année la belle histoire continue pour la jeune top Luma Grothe.

Luma Grothe et Nick Youngquest (égérie d’Invictus) incarneront le “couple de dieux”.

Paco Rabanne – Flacon Olympéa

Luma Groth and Nick Youngquest - Olympea and Invictus
Luma Groth et Nick Youngquest – Olympéa et Invictus

Le flacon du parfum Olympéa arbore une couleur rose pale au centre le nom du parfum entouré d’ailes blanches. Dans le même esprit que son semblable masculin Invictus.  Flacon inspiré des modèle antique de forme ronde entouré d’une couronne de couleur or rose.

Fragrance Olympéa de Paco Rabanne

Les nez Loc Dong et Anne Flipo signent la création de cette nouvelle fragrance Olympéa.

A modern, divine fragrance, it opens with notes of salty vanilla enhanced by the flowery heart of the jasmine-based fragrance. The base revolves around amber softened by a note of green mandarin.

Olympéa will be available in Eau de Parfum but also in Extract de Parfum. A complementary range of Olympéa perfume will also be offered: A 200 ml body lotion, a 200 ml shower gel and a 200 ml deodorant spray.

The release of the Olympéa perfume is scheduled for September.

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