Life is Beautiful Christmas 2016 edition

Life is Beautiful Christmas 2016 edition
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Life is Beautiful Christmas 2017 edition

La Vie est Belle by Lancôme is back in a Limited Edition

Owl ; the Christmas holidays are approaching and the olfactory creation houses are taking the opportunity to release their limited editions! Indeed, offering a perfume is a great classic but when it is available in a new version, the surprise is all the greater! Thus, Lancôme did not hesitate to reinterpret one of its greatest perfumes. The news has just fallen and the iconic La Vie est Belle fragrance will be available in a few days in a Limited Edition more sparkling than ever.

The story of La Vie est Belle by Lancôme

Because Lancôme believes that perfume is much more than a simple scent, the brand decided to create a juice called La Vie est Belle, in 2012. It embodies a conviction, an invitation to see the world around us. at its best. It pushes women on the path of personal fulfillment and self-actualization.

Also, this juice sewn of elegance and sensuality very quickly found its place in the aisle of feminine perfumery. This is why it was not long in being reinterpreted. In 2013, he saw the appearance of an Eau de Parfum Légère, a kind of more transparent alternative to the original composition.

A year later, La Vie est Belle Eau de Toilette made its appearance, refreshing itself with magnolia blossoms for a more playful look. At the same time, it was also that year that L’Absolu de Parfum was created, reinterpreting the initial gourmet accord of La Vie est Belle with more depth. In 2015, Lancôme offered an Intense version based on a more narcotic tuberose, as well as a more refined and ennobled Extract version.

Beyond these multiple variants, Lancôme also made a Prestige version of La Vie est Belle, a real technical feat requiring more than 20 hours of work to create a single bottle. It was then made entirely of crystal and its weight was around 3 kg. It is therefore in this continuity that the new Limited Edition of La Vie est Belle is part of.

The new Limited Edition of La Vie est Belle

La Vie est Belle Limited Edition is adorned with a brand new bottle. Of course, his smile is always there. Its history dates back to 1949 when Armand Petitjean asked Georges Delhomme, its artistic director, to make a bottle symbolizing the aura of women. He baptized his creation “The Crystal Smile”. However, he did not immediately find what he liked when it came to perfume. It was then taken out of the archives in 2012 on the occasion of the creation of La Vie est Belle. The latter has generous and gently curved shapes, drawing the rounded imprint of a smile in the glass.

However, La Vie est Belle Edition Limitée now displays a frosted glass on which is affixed a multitude of silver and pink glitter. Everything then contains the same fragrance as before. This magnifies the nobility of the iris by contrasting it with Indonesian patchouli. The feminine aura of this perfume, meanwhile, comes from sambac jasmine and orange blossom. A more juicy and fruity touch emanates from the pear and blackcurrant. Finally, the whole is famous for its delicacy resulting from praline, vanilla and tonka bean.

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