Jour, Hermès’ setting of tenderness

Jour, Hermès’ setting of tenderness
Jour, Hermès' setting of tenderness
Jour, Hermès’ setting of tenderness

Hermès unveils a new fragrance that is like the quintessence of all femininity. The scent of Hermes Day is a floral fragrance and carnal which wants as powerful as delicate. Its essence is designed to sublimate the woman who wears it. Everything in him lets softness shine through and he then takes us into a world of tenderness.

Day, more than a perfume, a state of mind

Jour is a perfume that has been designed by Jean-Claude Ellena, nose of Hermès since 2004. This talented creator is also a lover of words and he says of himself that he likes to explore new landscapes that he calls his “olfactory poems”. With this fragrance, he hopes to reiterate the success of his masculine fragrance Terre. It offers us a silky and soft nectar as powerful as a floral bouquet. Its guideline is above all to create perfumes to feel good with oneself. Moreover, some women have already confessed to him wearing his fragrances to sleep and he then saw the most beautiful compliment he has been offered.

Jour has a very complex flower composition to the point that no olfactory note really dominates. The mixture is very well executed and all the flavors combine with each other. Day is a kind of light presence. The idea is very aerial and we could almost glimpse a cloud. On the other hand, Hermès’ nose does not hide it, in order to obtain this effect he is particularly fond of synthetic materials which he fragments with the precision of a surgeon. These allow him to sublimate the smells and obtain this so particular rendering of which only he has the secret.

The ultra-feminine fragrance of Hermès

Jean-Claude Ellena will have taken three years to develop the odor of the day. He then opted for flowers which are for him the absolute symbol of femininity. At the same time, he completely dismissed the chypre and woody notes which seemed too masculine to him. However, the nose of Hermès refuses to reveal its olfactory pyramid and to break it down with precision. Rather, it invites you to smell and feel its fragrance. According to him, the best way to understand his Jour perfume is to rediscover it over and over again so that it always reveals itself a little more. The only information we have been able to glean is that Jour is a huge bouquet of flowers made up of gardenia and sweet peas. In addition, we know that it perfectly combines living room flowers with flowers in the garden, or even with wild flowers.

On the bottle side, Jour is found in a box signed Pierre Hardy. This great man is in this case the creative director for the precious jewels of Hermès. With Jour, he signs his very first bottle. Both sober and luxurious, it is mainly made of solid glass. Its base is square and its shoulders are rounded. It shows a lot of presence and rests the perfume in suspension in its center. The name is affixed with delicacy, like the fragrance it contains. It is read in transparency and is engraved in the glass of this magnificent case.

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