L’Homme Prada fragrance, Italian refinement

All the Prada style in one perfume
The Prada man, Italian refinement

The style of the Prada house is defined as being chic, avant-garde and offbeat. Mario Prada opened his first Prada store in 1913 in the “Vittorio Emmanuele II” gallery in Milan. It will be his granddaughter, Miuccia Prada, who will breathe new life into the brand. With her husband, they took the reins of the Prada house in 1978. The brand entered the arena of perfumery in 2000, and each of its perfumes combines tradition and modernity. In 2016, the brand unveiled “La Femme Prada”, but it could not exist without its alter ego “L’Homme Prada”.

The legendary couple from Prada

In the same year, Prada wanted to offer a “couple fragrance” to its fans. It must be said that the Prada house likes to “create” couples. The Prada woman and man both have for vocation to embody the ideal couple, they are a single vision. Regarding this new Prada couple, the brand says “She could be him, he could be her. She is an absolute woman, he is an absolute man. There is not an obvious definition of their relationship. They could be lovers, friends, or even strangers. Both have multiple identities ”…

“L’Homme Prada” is an elegant, self-confident man. It embodies the quintessence of Italian refinement. “L’Homme Prada” is above all a contemporary man, endowed with a totally innate elegance. Luxurious but relaxed, “L’Homme Prada” is presented as the fragrance of today’s man.

Iris and amber united at the heart of L’Homme Prada

Although “L’Homme Prada” is an ultra contemporary essence, it succeeds with two rather classic ingredients such as amber and iris. Amber is Miuccia Prada’s favorite ingredient and can be found in many of the brand’s fragrances. As for iris, it is the noblest ingredient and also one of the most expensive in niche perfumery.

“L’Homme Prada” opens with the luminosity of neroli, immediately overtaken by notes of pepper which confirm the irresistible character of “L’Homme Prada”. Iris and amber are therefore gathered within luminous heart notes which also combine violet and geranium, two ingredients that are generally found in feminine perfumes .

Between cedar and patchouli, the base of “L’Homme Prada” will be woody and sensual. As for the bottle, the woman and the man have the same look, only the color changes. The bottle, although in heavy and imposing glass, is intended to be very refined. Its transparency lets glimpse the gray of its nectar, thus echoing the metallic gray of the cabochon. A luxurious bottle, which reflects a resolutely elegant man.

A couple who bring together the luxury of the Prada house, as she loves to create them. “L’Homme Prada” is a refined and naturally elegant man . It perfectly represents the chic and romanticism of Italians today.

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